Yes, I Use Credit Cards to Fund My Travels

This is in no way advice on how anyone should go about dealing with the financial aspect of travelling, but yes, my guilty “secret” is that I use credit cards to fund my travels.

Maybe it’s not the smartest plan, and I definitely don’t advocate it, but traveling on credit cards works for me. I have this thing where I am REALLY good at paying off debt but I’m super freaking terrible at saving. I can guarantee you I will pay a 20k credit card debt off in half the time that it would take me to save that same 20k. I don’t know why. Most likely it has something to do with being convinced that eliminating debt is a priority, while not feeling quite as convinced that saving is.

Actually it’s more like: I have a crippling fear of debt.

So, of course, the “fear” plays a role in making my travels a little more stressful than necessary. But, the credit cards kind of help to make it possible and the whole yolo thing helps to keep the demons at arms length for at least 49% of the time.

Also: free travel insurance when you purchase plane tickets with a credit card.

I do harbour a fantasy where I pay off my credit cards and then start a nice little nest egg, but so far the temptation of adventure has kept me at its mercy.

I’ll get better. Or maybe I won’t.

For now I’m just trying to love my life.

How do you make this stuff work for you?

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