What’s at the top of your travel bucketlist?

So I have this problem where I start pretty much every blog post with the word “so”…but my other ridiculously over-the-top-and-yes-I’m-aware-that-this-is-not-a-real-problem problem is this: I ticked off the #1 thing at the top of my bucketlist last year and now I’m feeling a bit now what about it.

To be honest I didn’t even realise that this sort-of malaise had settled over me because of it. It’s not like I’ve forgotten the experience or haven’t put in enough time appreciating it. Of course I have!  You don’t forget hot air ballooning over Cappadocia in a hurry, and just the memory is enough to bring about a smile. But for so many years the one thing that I’ve wanted to do above all other things is climb into a hot air balloon. Funny enough it occurs to me that there is a kind of bittersweetness in achieving what I consider to have been a bit of a lifelong goal.

Now here I am staring down the wide-open possibilities of 2018 and I have no idea what to pick as a top contender. Because there was really just that one thing  at the top of my bucketlist followed by an ever-growing mess of other things that all sort of jumble together and have no specific ranking.

So (so!) tell me please: What is at the top of your bucketlist? Because I need some ideas.

4 thoughts on “What’s at the top of your travel bucketlist?

  1. LOL I think I have your “so” disease too girl, people will just have to deal!
    I think mine is learning to dive, doesn’t matter much where. But Zanzibar is on the horizon so maybe there! And probably tons more I’m forgetting 😛

    Julz | FrameAmbition.com

    1. My dad says Zanzibar is the best diving he’s ever experienced. Lots of sea turtles which are on my list too but I am shit scared of diving. I don’t mind the whole underwater thing —– it’s just having a contraption on my face/in my mouth that I just can’t get on board with.

  2. Well I have plenty of suggestions for travel destination you should add to your bucket list, Nayes. However, my Kenian trip is coming to an end and I am warmly recommending Kenya. You won’t be disappointed!

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