Travel Resolutions & Other Failures

My resolution for travel this year was to attempt to get away for the weekend once a month. Of course the last weekend of January has come and gone and we have yet to be away. Somewhere along the line I’m going to have to figure this stuff out. Although I suppose you don’t stop being a traveller just because you’re a little on the broke side. Thankfully we have a trip to Port Alfred happening around the corner, and even more thankfully, my parents are paying for it.

I must admit it’s a little tough though. I think we could manage a few mini-vacations in the area with relative ease. At least without crippling ourselves. And those little mini-getaways are truly soul-feeding and good for all sorts of things from mental health to relationship health! But… Isn’t there always a but?

But there’s still that little niggle that says “rather save that money for a plane ticket”. And I really struggle to shut that voice up! Which is kind of silly because I know that probably lots of mini-vacations spread throughout the year will be more beneficial overall than one overseas visit every 18 months or so.

But still…

I want the damn plane so badly!

I should probably give it up for a little while. I  should probably admit defeat and just fully embrace the glory that is here because here truly is glorious! Even just exploring my own city is glorious. I love it!

What is it about crossing oceans that is just so addictive? Why is it a habit that is so impossible to kick? What is it that I find so exciting about getting on a plane (which I kind of hate) and then disembarking in a new land?

Everything. The answer is everything.

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