Travel Essentials: My Top Five

I’m not really one of those travellers that can brag about how light they travel. You know the type: Oh I travelled through Asia for three months with only my hand luggage and a tube of mascara. No. That’s not me. At the same time I’m not one of those travellers who you see at the check-in counter, trying to justify why they shouldn’t have to pay extra for the 5 piece matching luggage set that weighs four times the allocated baggage allowance.

I’m just the girl who tries to strictly keep it under the 20kg average that should keep you from forking out any extra cash. I don’t mind spending money on travel. Spending money on extra luggage though? No man that’s crazy!

Anyway – I’ve been thinking about what the must-have items in my luggage are, and I’ll admit that the answer to this question changes from mood to mood, because most of what ends up in my luggage is obviously clothing.

There are, however, 5 items that never change. It doesn’t matter if I am on a road trip through my own country or I’m galavanting over the seas to foreign lands. These 5 are my no-compromise must-haves, and honestly I have no idea how other folks manage to exist without them. I couldn’t!

1. Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake

This gem forms a must-have part of my every day regular life as well, but I find it especially important when travelling. Now usually I have it for breakfast, but because travelling sometimes means that there are massive breakfasts included in the price of the room, while travelling I just take it with as a supplement more than a meal replacement. This way I know that I am feeding my body well despite the possibly unfavourable change in diet. I know that the good nutrition will keep me as healthy as possible during my adventure. On the few occasions when I have become ill while travelling it has proved to be an easy to consume meal when food is important but I’m struggling to keep anything down.

2. H24 Hydrate

This product! My goodness how many times has it saved me? On days when everything is just go go go and bathroom breaks are not as regularly scheduled as I’d like them to be, I tend to be a bit bad with the amount of water I consume. Now, while I do try to be as good about it as possible anyway, I do know that popping one of these sachets into my early morning glass of water makes a huge difference to my hydration levels. Pop another one in the afternoon and I’m golden. Filled with electrolytes and all those yummy things while still being extremely low in calories? Perfect! (PS: H24 CR7 works too)

3. Liftoff 

Guys: I love travel more than anything. Which I why I talk to you all about it all the time. But you know what? My travel fatigue can get so bad! As an introvert who needs her days of down time between the days of adventure, I can get a little bit on edge if there’s too much happening in too short a space of time. This product helps me with that so much though. One or half a tablet in the morning followed by another one or half around lunch time helps me keep the tired at bay. This is so important because there is no point to adventures if you’re too tired to enjoy them. (For an extra jolt of energy you can add a teaspoon tip of Herbalife’s Thermojetics Concentrate)

4. Tang Kuei

This one I use to help me get through flights. I struggle SO much to sleep on planes but I’m exceptionally reluctant to take sleeping tablets because I know that the drowsy effects of them don’t wear off quickly enough for me. Tang Kuei is not really “a sleeping tablet” but I find that it certainly helps to relax me enough to allow sleep. Tang Kuei is sort of like turbo charged chamomile tea, which is great because once I wake up I don’t feel like I’m in any sort of  leftover drug fog. I’m just relaxed but awake. This is super important when you’re running through airports to catch connecting flights and trying to reach your destination rested enough to enjoy your first few moments in a new place.

5. Herbal Aloe Gel 

This is an all purpose product that can be used for so many things, but mostly I use it for sunburn. I try to remember to pop it in the fridge as soon as I arrive in my room because that makes it even lovelier to use, but it’s fine if you use it at room temperature as well. Aloe Gel is excellent for sweat rashes, sunburn, and insect bites. I have also used it as a throat soother (yes it tastes a bit gross but it works) and I’ve put it in my burning eyes before as well.

The thing is, the list of things you “might” need when you’re  away could easily becomes endless. For me I find that these five cover the basics of what I need to keep as healthy as possible when I’m away. These are things I can’t just pick up in the store (I would have to either find an Independent Herbalife Distributor or an actual Herbalife Warehouse where I can use my distributor ID to get some) whereas anything else can be sorted out with less complication.

Do you have any travel essentials that you’d like to share?

Disclaimer: More information on these products can be found by contacting Anthony on Facebook. This post isn’t sponsored so much as it is a simple tribute to the die-hard pride I have for the company my family works with. Honestly I often wonder how people like me would manage to travel without these products – especially the Lift Off! Otherwise if you have any questions you are welcome to contact me directly.

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