Thailand? Again? Have you lost the plot?

Well, probably, but that’s besides the point. Yes, I’m going to Thailand again. Yes, I’ve already been there twice in the last five years. And yes…. I’m excited as hell.

When I went to Thailand for the first time in 2013 I went with my folks and my brother. Of course it was glorious, but it took me three seconds to realise that I had to bring my husband back, because that’s what happens when you find your soulmate, I guess. You kind of get a little bit grumpy about not being able to share the extra good stuff with each other. Of course that trip solidified a kind of wanderlust that neither of us have been able to quench.

Ty turns 40 this year. I think we’re both low-key having a crisis about it. Ty originally wanted to take a roadtrip for his birthday. But June is in winter and roadtrips are a lot of work (and at least 1.5 times more expensive than you expect them to be) and after a few thousand thoughts on the subject we decided that maybe, just maybe, we could get ourselves to our soul country instead.

See, ever since we went there together we’ve been longing to go back. And every time we sort of tell ourselves “no, we must go somewhere new”. But this time we kind of thought that sometimes it’s ok to indulge in the comfort of the familiar. We want an easy slow pace. We want to sip on watermelon shakes and eat dragon fruit in the streets while walking hand in hand to the beach. We want selfies in the swimming pool (as you can see we need the practice) and long explorey walks and bedroom picnics. We want “us” time that doesn’t come with a strict schedule (although we do have a kind of schedule that we need to stick to – apparently we can’t resist making plans!)

And seriously: My love, I can’t wait to take this trip with you. I’m even looking forward to the cuddles on the plane.

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