On finishing novels and postponing weddings…

I finished writing my first novel last week. And really I have this feeling that I should be shouting it from some sort of rooftop or at least streaking in the parking lot or something but I am very much struggling to find the words for any of it.

At the end of last year I found myself struggling to get The Poetry Project off the ground. Money issues of course. Among other things. I had hoped that three weeks locked up in a friend’s beach house reading novel after delicious novel would make a difference. Brain sabbatical. Or something. But January came and I was still tearing out my hair over The Poetry Project. *scream*sob*sulk*

So I put it aside. Because feeling despondent about the whole thing wasn’t doing it any good. Instead, I picked up my novel. Well, more accurately, i picked up both of my novels. I have two. Two from start to finish. And I thought, maybe, just maybe, if I could just finish one of them properly – properly enough to be ok with handing them over to someone else to read – maybe that would mean something. (more…)

Getting a Grip

The bloggosphere seems to be rampant with tales of weightloss at the moment. People all over the world seem rather intent on taking charge of their bodies and moving forward towards their ideal weights. It’s everywhere.

I have a friend who says she puts on weight when she is happy. And it’s true because I have observed it myself. Now this is not a ridiculous amount of weight. It’s a couple of kilos that make her a tiny bit rounded. She’s beautiful. She always will be. Extra weight makes no difference to that. But she blames those love handles on happiness. It’s kind of cute.

I have the opposite problem. While stress and happiness seem to burn the calories I consume with greedy enthusiasm, even the slightest downer helps to pile on those kilos that then remain stubbornly immovable. (more…)

Would you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is a douche canoe?

So I dragged the new man all the way to Fort Beaufort this weekend to show him off to my high school best friend and her husband. I seem to be doing this a bit lately which is a bit of a weird thing for me. I kind of have this uncontrollable desire to parade the man around going “ooh look what I found!” – which is certifiable and not normal behaviour. I certainly never felt this particularly un-humble need for shameless bragging before. (more…)