Green Pastures & Still Waters

I’ve had an odd two weeks. Actually it’s a bit more than that. More like three or perhaps even four.

First, I had the most bizarre did that really just happen kind of “thing” with one of my writer’s club people. Really the whole incident was mind boggling. Do you ever find yourself trying to understand someone who just doesn’t make sense to you? I find myself doing this often. I nearly slipped into a coma trying figure out my fiancé’s ex. And his mother for that matter. I have this weird subconscious idea that women in general should just get each other, that offers of friendship and hospitality should mean something, and that once you finally get to leave high school the world in general just gets nicer. Wow Nadine. Time to take your anti-naivety tablets. And the dose should probably be doubled for you. Or tripled. Actually why don’t you just go ahead and take the whole bottle. (more…)