Broken Nostalgia & Bloody Adele

When @adele puts out a new single… She's done it again! 💔😭🙌#Hello #25 #SheHadMeAtHello

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* Kate Hudson having a bit of a sniffle after listening to the new Adele song* 


I have begun to notice lately that I seem to be void of nostalgia. As a person who is quite intense when it comes to “feelings” I must admit it strikes me as a little odd that I am incapable of tying present importance to the past. Whenever friends chat about music from our school days, or get all gooey-eyed because someone played Nirvana/Offspring/Smashing Pumpkins I must admit (with the exception of one single artist who is the only one who manages a sort of guilt driven nostalgia) it does almost nothing except remind me that I’m glad I don’t have to listen to that stuff anymore. Ooooh the blasphemy! Sorry folks….but they’re quite terrible…and noisy…I’m old now. I have no desire to listen to any of that music that we all used to sit around loving together anymore. I loved it as a kid but honestly find it quite not-something-I-want-to-listen-to-even-a-little today. Even music from the past that I do still like doesn’t quite work. I still love K’s Choice and Sheryl Crow and Tori and Fiona and and and….but they don’t bring back memories so much as just remind me that hey, I like this song. 

But every now and then a song like this one will come along and tumble me into a strange nostalgic-like funk that I can’t get out of, despite the fact that the song itself has no ties to the past at all. I can’t help but wonder why that is. I wonder if it isn’t like every now and then something comes along that resonates really hard with who I am as a whole. It’s like it tickles the entirety of it all. Past, present, future. It’s all there. And when it hits the whole then the feeling of nostalgia just kind of tumbles down. It’s incredible then to once again acknowledge the inarguable power of art in all of its forms to affect and change and inspire and revive our very souls.

This song here, which I ignored for days partly because I hardly care for music anymore and partly because I have been passionately occupied by the politics of our country, managed to be just such a song. I love it when you hear  or see or read something for the first time and you feel like you’ve always known it, even if what it means to you is something completely different to what it means to the artist. I reckon that’s pretty damn special.

The Artist’s Way ~ Julia Cameron

If you ever wished there was a  – dare i say  “fail-proof” – 12 step programme for blocked writers you have found one. Julia Cameron’s book gently coaxes even the shyest of writers out of the comfort zone of their blockages and challenges them to  start seeing things, to question everything, and to slowly become un-stuck. I have done this book (because doing it is very different from merely reading it) from start to finish once. I plan to do it again.

Please do not imagine though that this unblocking is in ANY way a pleasant experience. The first two or three chapters get you into a smug high where you’re kind of woo-hoo happy about the impending brilliance you are about to unleash on the world. Your unblocking will without a doubt be the best thing that has EVER happened. And yes, of course it is….but….continue at your own peril. The tears will come eventually, as you dig through your life and learn more than you bargained for. Commit yourself to the entire 12 steps and yes you will emerge as a newly cleansed, and freshly detoxed artist. But you have to take yourself seriously, and commit to it, do ALL 12 steps, because I think there’s a possibility that stopping in the middle might leave you more blocked than you were before….

Why I give it ten stars: This book is incredibly user friendly and really is something absolutely anyone can use for anything. I reccomend it wholeheartedly.

Eat, Pray, Love ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

I am loathe to write this review. How impossible to translate into words the blissful experience that is Elizabeth Gilbert. Honestly I don’t have an Oprah book club membership.  And I’m very much not always so in the loop with what the rest of the world is reading. In school I was always the kid who got into a song after everyone else stopped listening to it. My grown up world differs only in that I don’t really care about getting it right anymore. I decided to read Eat, Pray, Love after seeing a TedEx talk that Elizabeth Gilbert did. A fellow writer sent me the link thinking I might find her inspiring. She entranced me completely. Here was this beautiful creature and I swear to God she was speaking straight into my soul. And so I picked up her book over the December holidays and got completely lost in it. I laughed and cried and I sunk in to the deepest of depressions. I wish I could write like that. Because this book was the absolute embodiment of what I want MY writing to be. The naked honesty, the poignant truths, the humanity. Everything about it made me jealous as all hell. Elizabeth tells of her journey in search of physical and spiritual fulfillment in such a brave manner. Her experiences are something anyone would long for. From her relationship with food and wine in Italy to the spiritual awakening in India and falling in love in Indonesia, I couldn’t stop turning the pages At the risk of sounding redundant, it really is the kind of book that every woman should read. And every man should read it too, if for no other reason than to better understand women. It’s definitely a book I will re-read for many years to come.

Why I give it a ten: It’s  an important book. And every woman should read it.

Green Pastures & Still Waters

I’ve had an odd two weeks. Actually it’s a bit more than that. More like three or perhaps even four.

First, I had the most bizarre did that really just happen kind of “thing” with one of my writer’s club people. Really the whole incident was mind boggling. Do you ever find yourself trying to understand someone who just doesn’t make sense to you? I find myself doing this often. I nearly slipped into a coma trying figure out my fiancé’s ex. And his mother for that matter. I have this weird subconscious idea that women in general should just get each other, that offers of friendship and hospitality should mean something, and that once you finally get to leave high school the world in general just gets nicer. Wow Nadine. Time to take your anti-naivety tablets. And the dose should probably be doubled for you. Or tripled. Actually why don’t you just go ahead and take the whole bottle. (more…)

On finishing novels and postponing weddings…

I finished writing my first novel last week. And really I have this feeling that I should be shouting it from some sort of rooftop or at least streaking in the parking lot or something but I am very much struggling to find the words for any of it.

At the end of last year I found myself struggling to get The Poetry Project off the ground. Money issues of course. Among other things. I had hoped that three weeks locked up in a friend’s beach house reading novel after delicious novel would make a difference. Brain sabbatical. Or something. But January came and I was still tearing out my hair over The Poetry Project. *scream*sob*sulk*

So I put it aside. Because feeling despondent about the whole thing wasn’t doing it any good. Instead, I picked up my novel. Well, more accurately, i picked up both of my novels. I have two. Two from start to finish. And I thought, maybe, just maybe, if I could just finish one of them properly – properly enough to be ok with handing them over to someone else to read – maybe that would mean something. (more…)