On finishing novels and postponing weddings…

I finished writing my first novel last week. And really I have this feeling that I should be shouting it from some sort of rooftop or at least streaking in the parking lot or something but I am very much struggling to find the words for any of it.

At the end of last year I found myself struggling to get The Poetry Project off the ground. Money issues of course. Among other things. I had hoped that three weeks locked up in a friend’s beach house reading novel after delicious novel would make a difference. Brain sabbatical. Or something. But January came and I was still tearing out my hair over The Poetry Project. *scream*sob*sulk*

So I put it aside. Because feeling despondent about the whole thing wasn’t doing it any good. Instead, I picked up my novel. Well, more accurately, i picked up both of my novels. I have two. Two from start to finish. And I thought, maybe, just maybe, if I could just finish one of them properly – properly enough to be ok with handing them over to someone else to read – maybe that would mean something. (more…)

Would you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is a douche canoe?

So I dragged the new man all the way to Fort Beaufort this weekend to show him off to my high school best friend and her husband. I seem to be doing this a bit lately which is a bit of a weird thing for me. I kind of have this uncontrollable desire to parade the man around going “ooh look what I found!” – which is certifiable and not normal behaviour. I certainly never felt this particularly un-humble need for shameless bragging before. (more…)