Springing Forward

Photo on 2015-09-01 at 9.14 PMI had one “plan” for Spring Day today: see if my razor is capable of navigating through the forrest that I have been growing all over my body. Of course, that didn’t happen because it’s too damn cold today and I’m pretty sure all that fuzz is actually keeping me warmer than usual. Instead of the evening with my usual – tv/ipadding/tea – I found myself on Google, investigating costs for trips – sans tv! I reckon it’s time to plan a new adventure, even if I can’t take it anytime soon. I imagine that it is in all the not planning that all these things that we want to happen don’t. If that doesn’t sound particularly profound it is because it isn’t. And yet? Well…and yet the plans are hardly ever made because we’re always waiting for one bloody thing or another. Bugger it. My head is too buzzy for waiting. And so I’m making plans and checking out hotel prices and silly things like that.

But  even though I’m in the very dreamy stages of planning right now, what I want to know is:

Where are the weird places to go? The quaint and quirky and wonderful?

Where is the most interesting place you have ever been?

I’m thinking of Prague.

I’m thinking of Cambodia.

I’m thinking of Bhutan.

I’m thinking of Nepal.

I’m thinking of Colombia.

I’m thinking of Italy.

I’m thinking of Iceland.

Where are you thinking of?

2 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. I love to make travel plans. I have folders full of plans that I am highly unlikely to ever undertake, but a girl can dream right?!

    We went to Prague last year, it was lovely, the people are so friendly. We stayed in a small, reasonably priced hotel within walking distance of Wenceslas square and I can honestly say I have never received such wonderful service ever.

    Another trip we did that was absolutely awesome was Lake Como => Milan => Tirano (a gorgeous little town!) and then we caught the Bernina Express to Zurich. What an experience! Bucket list stuff. The views were to die for. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.(The details are all on my 2014 travel blog)

    If I could choose, I would spend a couple of weeks island-hopping in Greece. Oh and I would LOVE to see the Plitvice lakes and travel around Croatia. I’d also love to do some travel in the Baltics…Norway, Sweden, Denmark. I’d love that!

    Okay, bang goes my productivity for today!! Off to dream up some more holidays…

    1. Oh Gill 🙂 That all sounds so lovely. Prague definitely has my attention. Cost-wise it seems do-able – which is a huge plus! Gosh with our currency value in the toilet it’s hard to go anywhere. Can barely afford here nevermind anywhere else. I read an article about a Norwegian man who has travelled the whole world without quitting his day job. He reckons it’s all doable as long as you make sacrifices elsewhere. I need to learn to do that. I don’t need to own a house or have a fancy car. I don’t need the latest phone or fancy computer. And I don’t need to do take-aways or eating out once a week. Oh…and um… I really should stop buying books! I have enough now. Actually I could probably sell my books and take a trip!

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