Spelunking is a Dumb Word

13608329_10154086372406117_428368562_nSpelunking is when you explore caves, right? Because otherwise my title doesn’t make sense. I’m too lazy to Google it. I’m right though, aren’t I? And it is a weird word. Spelunking. It sounds like something went super wrong. But like jokey-wrong. And there aren’t many things that could go wrong when you’re inside a cave that could be considered jokey-wrong. You know? Like things going wrong inside a cave would be things like cave in  or spontaneous explosion causing a cave in or flash flood. Oh giant rat monser. Not good. Much death. No.

Anyway – we went to the Cango Caves on our Family Road trip and it was kind of awesome because even though I went when I was about 11 I did not remember much about it except for the part where my friend Angeline forced me into The Devil’s Chimney and I had to learn lamaze breathing in a very short space of time. Well done to 11-year-old me for not having a panic attack. This time I skipped The Devil’s Chimney. Of course I blamed claustrophobia/time/expense for the skip, but let’s face it: this ass wasn’t going to fit in that hole this time.

In all seriousness though: take your kids to see the caves. Encourage them to ask the guides questions. The Cango Caves are an exquisite sight to behold and the history behind their discovery is fun to listen to. Far more fun than anything you might read in a book at least. If the vastness  and magical sparkle of this place doesn’t overwhelm you, it may be that you need to be a little nicer to your inner child. That little thing wants to come out to play! Ok?

Also…it’s not possible to walk around in that place and not go crazy trying to remember what show/movie had a cave scene with giant dodgy rats in it. Was it Doctor Who? Was it Merlin? Was it Atlantis? Do I need to rewatch all of those shows to see if I can find them? Well yes, obviously…

If you’d like to look at about four pictures that I took at in the caves then check out my #nayesexploresthecangocaves hashtag on Instagram. They’re really crap though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I should stop talking now. It’s getting weird.


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