So I wrote a book….

Isn’t that insane? I did it! For real this time. Not “Hi, I’m Nadine and in a perfect world I would be a novelist…”

I am struggling to grasp this. I imagine other writers have gone through the same thing. I am often comforted (and disappointed) to find that most of my reactions to absolutely everything are quite normal, despite being a little bizarre.

Anyway, here I sit. I have written this novel and my work is done. I have handed it out to a few very carefully selected and trusted individuals, and for now the ball is in their court. But here on my side of the court, I am struggling and ball-less. I don’t know what to do without the ball… (Okay time to change metaphors!)

My work is done. At least for now. So now I wait? It seems mad!! And it is taking every last ounce of self control not to constantly poke my “editors” and beg them for feedback. Maybe they are avoiding me because they hate it?

None of this is the point! I don’t know why I wrote any of that actually…. Clearly I have gone mad.

The point is that I plan to publish my new book through Katalina Publishing and I’m quite excited about it because I think it’s fitting that my own book be the first book published by the company that myself and Derrick Spies have been putting together.

Anyway – I’m so dumb at the brain stuff. I know nothing about how to turn Word Docs into some sort of document that could be printed as a book. Or how to make sure everything is aligned properly. Or where to go to find out about ISBN numbers. These are the things that are left to do though! How frustrating! I have to wait for someone else to do them! My OCD is not coping.

So… At the moment I am trying to occupy my mind with ideas for the cover. Now I am not artistically creative. I have tried painting. And drawing. And photography. And photoshopping. And… Scrapbooking!!! I suck at all of them. I have ideas – but actually being able to make them real is a bit beyond my abilities.

The point of all this? I am thinking of perhaps running a competition for the design of the cover for my book. I know that my fabulous friend Lana Breedt is quite capable of coming up with something fantastic! And she will no doubt be around for a very long time designing tons of things for us, as well as illustrating some children’s books for me. But I’m very much growing fond of the idea of putting the cover of this particular book out into the world and seeing what comes back…

Does a competition sound like a completely stupid thing to do? I think it’s a kind of kick ass idea – but these days (and yes, I may be paranoid) people seem to look at me as though I have lost my head. I just think it’s a way to make the whole process a little more fun, as well as a great way to learn about the skills of others – skills that may be of use later when Katalina becomes bigger and we need more designers/illustrators etc (it’s a wild dream of mine to help the authors of children’s books find the perfect illustrator!)

Feedback would be much much appreciated!! If only to make me feel like I’ve still got control of the reigns and I’m not just sitting around waiting for something to fall on my head…

15 thoughts on “So I wrote a book….

  1. I love the idea of a competition! Not that i’ll be entering – also have zero artistic ability. I don’t even have the ability to visualise what someone is talking about when they describe a design idea. Very well done for finishing. The work isn’t over though… πŸ™‚

  2. Feedback:

    1. Rain is a noun or verb and refers to the water that drops from the sky.

    2. Reign as a noun means the period during which one occupies the throne; royal rule; dominating power. As a verb, reign means to rule or to possess supreme power over something or someone.

    3. Rein as a noun refers to a leather strap fastened on to a horse’s bridle and used to control the horse. As a verb, to rein means to check or guide a horse using the reins.

    (I googled this)


    Third: I will not be offended if you delete this comment πŸ˜›

  3. Firstly: It’s ok. I’m used to you mocking me in public.

    Secondly: I am well pleased with your editing capabilities. If only you would go ahead and read my damn book… πŸ˜›

    Thirdly: If I do all the work why is it that I am giving you half my money again?

  4. oooh yes i think it’s an AWESOME idea and if you’re also going to consider photographs as possible entries i’d love to participate but i have a question, will the illustrators / competitors be able to / need to read the book first? or at least have a couple chapters to get the feel? or something?

  5. β€œFinishing a book is just like you took a child out in the back yard and shot it.” – Truman Capote.

    I think feeling ball-less is okay for now πŸ™‚ Keeping the OCD mind occupied (like a German invasion) is a STELLAR idea.

  6. Er…. thanks for that Nats…. Now I have the image of shooting Noah in my head….it won’t go away!!!! Never mind that the other night I dreamt that I accidentally decapitated him.

    @Joyanne ~ I imagine I will have to give quite an overview and a very good idea of what I’m looking for. But all of it will be part of the competition details. And yeah photos would work too πŸ™‚

    Ok now i’m all nervous haha!

  7. Was going for the ‘feeling-you-can’t-explain-but-it’s-almost-as-though-you-lost-something-important-and-now-feel-kinda-limp-and-lacklustre’ but you know what I mean. I totally get how finishing would suck. Well, for me at least. Maybe that’s why I put it off? πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to read it, screw the cover! πŸ˜€ (though it is a SUPER idea, but I’m a word whore :D)

  8. Hi there,
    I like the idea of a contest, too. As for ISBN (bookstore + library experience talking here) that is generated done by your publisher. Here’s way more than you’d ever want to know about ISBNs…

    I would be interested in a contest (sounds like fun) . I’ve done tons of art over the years: some corporate, much more on the creative end – digital art, a little logo/graphics, work; fine arts photography; lots of multimedia — that one doesn’t translate well to a flat surface.
    As for the contest details:
    I agree it would be good if you could provide a book summary/description.
    Also, you’ll need to provide the file format (and size restrictions) your publisher wants for artwork so you can tell your contest participants that. πŸ˜‰
    Finally, if this is for the cover, who will typeset the title, etc. ? Will the publisher do that or is that something the contest participant will do (and if so, they will need those details…)

    anyhow, just a few thoughts & best of luck with your book.
    robin aka georgiawebgurl
    (@twitter & elsewhere)

  9. Thanks Robin I appreciate all that. Will check out the ISBN stuff in the week (when my brain is less in Saturday mode).

    I’m still keen on the cover competition idea but honestly I think I might do it for my next novel instead of this one. I find myself in a hurry to get this one out into the world and now that it is ready I sort of feel anxious about getting it e-book ready and publication ready asap. Wow…clearly that was the most redundant sentence ever…

    I will however start editing the next book soon and think maybe the competition should run along side the finishing up touches on editing from my side.

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