A Sanity Saving Staycation at the Plantation

13934945_10157366918415094_3507844175433383530_nI’m sitting on my bed right now watching TV and feeling grateful that I’m in a should I nap or read? mood rather than a if I don’t nap for seven hours right now I might as well set myself on fire mood. Last weekend had a weird suck factor to it that I don’t really want to get into right at this moment but it did and it left me feeling out of sorts and perhaps a little irrationally wounded. Anyway, sometimes I have to wonder if The Universe somehow conspires to apologise for these things by injecting a little goodness just when you need it.

13906895_10157366918850094_535266262889412620_nOn Tuesday night Ty and I got to stay in the bridal suite of The Plantation which is situated just outside of town and it was more glorious than I even imagined it would be. Ty won the night for us in a little competition that he entered back in April, I think,  and we decided to use it on Monday night because Tuesday (Women’s Day) marked our 7 years together anniversary. Now of course, such places are usually way out of our league. We humble folk don’t usually indulge in such fancy things, but my goodness it was a welcome treat! We were fed the most incredible picnic right in our room. I think I squeaked and oohed and aahed through that entire meal! Cheese and crackers-type food is kind of my favourite thing to eat. But this was over the top! Homemade pate and a cranberry salad with salad dressing that I all but ended up drinking from the bottle! The luncheon meats were obviously bought from places I would never consider stepping foot in. All of it: so beautiful! And we got to wash it down with the most delicious bottle of champagne! And then blissful sleep with no real life to bother us until morning.

Of course, by morning we were still not ready for real life and so instead we indulged in another glorious meal brought to our room. We got to walk a little around the property. Through the trees. We spotted a lourie which is always fun when you’re out in the wild, even if you only manage to see it for a second. We said hi to the horsies. I took so many out of focus pictures of those things! I might have to learn how to use the eyepiece when shooting in the sunshine because I totally thought I could see what was going on on that LCD screen but I was wrong…

All in all it was pretty blissful.

And it makes me wonder: the husband and I tend to try and stay away from eating out too much (it’s too costly and we’d rather use that money towards our next adventure) and indulging in all sorts of things that we don’t necessarily need. We are getting quite good at being more frugal in many areas, with the intent of using our limited funds to explore the world around us. Our reasoning is of course that trips to pretty much anywhere make all these financial sacrifices worth it because of their restorative properties. But I do wonder if every now and then we shouldn’t do a small splurge on a little staycation in various places around our own town. Our little night away was so wonderful. And so doable! Sometimes escaping for a couple of nights isn’t possible because life is busy and funds are tight and all of those sorts of things. But what about one night and a morning? That can be done. And if you don’t have to drive for hours to get there it’s pretty easy.

So maybe staycationing should be a thing with us. And definitely I recommend a night at The Plantation for anyone who needs a little mental reset because wow those folks really know how to treat their guests!


Find more pics of our stay at The Plantation here: #nayesexplorestheplantation

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