Rainy season? Oops!!

So when I booked tickets to Thailand on a whim in February this year I didn’t really consider much other than “it’s my husband’s birthday in June” so colour me a little mortified right now as it dawns on me that June is kind of rainy season in Thailand…

Dude… I don’t have money to spend on raincoats! And I don’t even think you’re allowed to take umbrellas with you in your hand luggage on planes. So…

Wait… Do I even own an umbrella?

Hmmm. I think there might be a few floating around here…but I prefer to use umbrellas for photo opportunities rather than actual dryness… The whole holding up umbrellas as an act of self-preservation does not work so well for me.

Then again: At this point I’m so looking forward to our trip that I might even be happy hanging out inside Seven Eleven all day and just eating ice creams and toasted sarmies while I wait for the rain to die down. Or bedroom picnics with junk food and a book? I might be daft but that doesn’t sound too bad.

It’ll be fine, right?

We don’t need clear skies to have fun, do we?

Lort I might need to sell my pancreas and buy a damn raincoat…

Freaking rainy season. Damn.

Although…. Cloudiness makes for great photography so perhaps it won’t be too bad after all?

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