Thinking about things to do in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth

Cheapflights Nelson Mandela Bay BlogathonConsidering I’ve just come back from Zanzibar, it seems a little weird that I’m now writing a post about things to do in Port Elizabeth. Because I have Zanzibar to write about first, surely. The problem is: I don’t want to! And I feel a little brattish about it but the truth is that I was so relieved to arrive home in Nelson Mandela Bay after our latest little adventure that I find myself needing a little bit of breathing space between myself and the last three weeks.

Besides, being glad to be home is truly quite an exquisite feeling. Isn’t it? We should take advantage of all those good vibes!

You see, I’ve been finding that the the more I explore outside of my city, the more I find myself wanting to properly explore inside of my city. Port Elizabeth has just as many wonderful nooks and crannies to discover as anywhere else. And why shouldn’t I approach my home town with the same curiosity that I employ when exploring places that I need a plane to take me to? In fact, for a while now I have settled on the idea that perhaps my goals for 2017 should be to become the absolute very best hometown tourist that I can be.

So, in the wake of making such a resolution, it seemed quite fortuitous to be asked by Cheapflights to be part of their Port Elizabeth Blogathon with Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism. And forgive me for gushing, but when the makers of your #1 favourite app on your phone ask you to do a campaign with them you say YES as loudly as you possibly can. And then you make a fool of yourself by admitting that their app legitimately changed your life for the better. Because you’re too old to be coy about these things.

I do hope you enjoy the upcoming things to do ideas for our little corner of the world. Give me a shout if you think you’ve got some alternative ideas. We like playing with the slightly odder things around here!

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