Taking a Break from the Written Word

My dearest followers (all seven of you) I hope this message finds you well on your way to celebrating the most fantastic of summer seasons (or winter if you’re on the other side of the world). I just wanted to pop in here to let you know that I have not, in fact, faded into the sunset, so much as I am taking a break from this little corner of the internet for a tiny while.

My head is buzzing with all sorts of projects that I have planned for the New Year. I have a notebook that is quickly filling with way too many ideas and my excitement for these projects continues to grow.

A few issues with my health over the last six months or so have made me force a little more ease into my life. And so, for the month of December I have decided that without even the smallest bit of pressure to write about each and every experience and without the guilt that sometimes accompanies rest, I am taking a real blog break.

Of course, December is the time of year when a lot of exploring happens. But I’m just going to enjoy the few bits I have set up, occasionally sharing them on my Instagram of course (Why do I find Instagram so soothing? Is that weird?) and maybe doing a bit of micro-blogging over on Facebook.

As for here: I’ll see you all in again in January…with travel plans and over-shares and hopefully a 2018 filled with adventure!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Some more thoughts on selling panties…

Ok so I told you about how some girls confessed to selling panties as a way to make money for travels the other day, right? And I can’t stop thinking about it because obviously who would even stop thinking about something so fascinating? This trope that we see on the telly from time to time is totally real. Who knew? (ok I did sort of know)

Of course I can’t remember where all I have seen this particular storyline….perhaps you can let me know in the comments?

Definitely once on Younger that chick who doesn’t look young tried to sell her panties and it all went wrong. That’s the whole point of the trope, right? To tell you how wrong it is to sell your previously worn and not yet laundered underwear to strangers…. Because karma, obvi. (this subject has turned me into someone who uses the word “obvi”)

So of course my thinking goes to what is the worst that could happen? 

I obviously have to make a list of questions that I need to ask myself seriously before setting off on this potential business venture…

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1.) Is there a chance that I could be plagued with visions of men sitting in corners while they deeply sniff my underwear? And because I have a so-far-undiagnosed-but-still-very-real anxiety disorder is it likely that I will have actual nightmares about this?

2.) What if someone sends them back and demands a refund? Will this harm my self-esteem?

3.) What if someone local orders all of them to be shipped to a PO Box and the curiousity sends me into a tailspin? Do I have the stamina to sit outside of a post office until they are collected? Will such knowledge ruin my life? I am still not over getting an anonymous Valentine’s card that one time when I was in high school.

4.) Would it be wrong to put clean underwear on the dog and then sell those?

5.) Where would the tail go though?

6.) Can you be arrested for selling  dirty underwear that you pretended was yours but was actually the dog’s?

7.) What would the charge be?

8.) How does bail work?

9.) Can you use money earned from selling dirty panties to pay for your bail to get you out of jail for selling dirty panties?

And lastly but very most importantly….

10.) Is is possible to clone actual human beings from underwear DNA and are we sure that all these men who so readily buy used panties are not somehow involved in a dodgy cloning scam? And if they don’t know that it is dog DNA in the underwear  sold to them by me is it possible that I might be contributing to a dog/human hybrid army that will eventually cause world peace because let’s face it dogs are so much nicer than people….

Actually in that case maybe I should sell my underwear.

Now I just need to find the dog…

PS: I sort of feel like maybe I need to clarify that I’m kidding about exploiting the dog before I get into trouble. It’s Friday. I don’t feel like trouble.


Should I sell my used underwear?

I’ve noticed that as I age I become far and far less of the sort-of-a-prude I used to be when I was a kid. There are things I have massively relaxed into as the years have gone by and I admit it feels kind of good. Things like recreational marijuana use, the odd unit of alcohol (gosh that sounds funny but it’s better than listing all the different alcohols) and even causal sex don’t terrify me in the way they once did.

None of that was really the point….

ANYWAY…. I’m in way too many different groups on Facebook, but one of them is a group for girls who love traveling. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be in there because there is a definite single-girl-alone-in-the-world vibe – which I love of course but it doesn’t apply to me.

Because of one of these girl groups, the other day I discovered something super interesting. It turns out that it is not that uncommon for girls to sell their used underwear as a way to make extra cash for their travels.

Now of course we’ve all seen the episodes of whatever (Girls, Younger) on TV where this sort of things goes disastrously pear-shaped… But…

I cannot help wondering if this is a viable thing to do! Ok sure… it’s creepy as hell. But if there are men out there willing to pay for their bizarre fetishes, like purchasing women’s used underwear, I really don’t see why women shouldn’t take advantage of that. It surely is just a case of two consenting adults, right? And if you can get past the creep factor and not allow too many weird thoughts into your head post postage… Well then it’s a little bit like free money, right?

And so my question remains….

Should I sell my used underwear?

Or should I just write a weird blog post about how I’m considering it so that the next time you see me you won’t be able to think about anything other than the fact that maybe my panties are for sale…

Kragga Kamma and Addo Elephant Park: The Perfect Share the Bay Combo

So I asked you all last week about how you go about sharing the bay with your guests and Sarah from Chasing the Rainbow had some awesome suggestions but at the writing of this post the rest of you failed me miserably with your silence. *raises questioning eyebrow*

I discovered, however, that when it comes to international guests especially (and shame probably those poor Cape Townian plebes who only have mountains to look at but no elephants) that right here in the bay we have the absolute perfect combination of exquisite pleasure for your eyes.

Of course I did technically already know this… But I didn’t know that I knew it. You know?

You see…. This is what happens. Addo is incredible. There is only a tiny chance of you going to Addo and not finding any elephants. On the odd occasions, I have heard, that the giants disappear and no one can find them (so mysterious!) but for the most part there is a high likelihood of you spotting the beasts and being completely awed by them. So of course, this is a brilliant place to take guests. Especially when they are British and all the animals they know are livestock and squirrels.

While at Addo your guests might well even see lions and all sorts of other treasures like dungbeetles and spring hares. How awesome, right?

Addo, however, has no giraffe. There are no tall trees in Addo for giraffe to feed off of.  And what is a trip to Africa if you don’t see a giraffe? An abomination! And this is why, Bayers, after you have taken your guests to Addo you MUST take them to Kragga Kamma Game Park. Because Kragga Kamma has giraffe. And they have cheetahs. And buffalo and those glorious beautiful fat unicorns (who have babies!) that we all love so damn much.

Together, Addo and Kragga Kamma make up the perfect gaming experience for anyone who has a little time to spend in our bay. So if you don’t know where to start, start there.

And after that? Well of course there is still so much more…

How do you #sharethebay with your guests?

So I’m a huge fan of the #sharethebay initiative that Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism has been running in our bay for the last couple of years and of course you know that I’m a huge fan of travel (this is a travel blog, after all, even if it didn’t start out that way!) but I have to admit a dirty little secret:

I don’t know what to do with guests when they visit…

My cousin and her husband and brand new bouncy boy are arriving a little later today and once again (actually for the third time in the last month) I find myself wondering what to do with guests when they visit. These particular cousins are from the UK so honestly all I really need to do is show them what colour the sky is when there are no clouds, but I’d like to do more.

I feel like I should have like a go-to #sharethebay routine that I use for first-time visitors to the city. Is that dumb? I mean… I know there are plenty of lovely places and I’ll show them a few of those places in the short time that they will be here, but a big part of me kind of wants to sit down sometime and do a kind of set itinerary. Like have a list of things to do if you have half a day, or a day, or three days. That sort of thing.

So what I want to know is what do you do when out-of-towners visit you? How do you go about your #sharethebay when your time is limited? What are your must-sees and can’t-misses? And don’t tell me there’s so much to do – because of course there is! (actually that might be part of the problem)

Tell me. Specifically.

What do you do?

Eastern Cape Tourism for the People

A week ago I was sitting in a presentation given by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism at The Atheneum and feeling kind of friggen excited. You see, there was a lady there called Nopasika Mxunyelwa and she mostly spoke of how their goals were driven towards making tourism more accessible to locals. Of course, she is now one of my favourite people even though she has never met me. Probably I should make an effort to be less of a creeper…

But you see, this particular topic means something to me. In fact it is probably my favourite topic when it comes to tourism. In fact I was having a serious debate about this topic with my non-responsive husband when the man asked me to marry him. I’m still grumpy that he refused to contribute to my ramblings that night!

Like you probably do to, I continuously myself what we can do in terms of weekend getaways that doesn’t require 6 months worth of savings or selling a lung on the black market. Why on earth did I have to fall in love with travel and adventure? It costs so much! Could I not rather have fallen in love with something like taking long walks in the neighborhood and petting strange dogs? You know…something cheap!

So yes, I was happy to hear talk of boosting Eastern Cape Tourism with specific focus on affordability and I see now after popping on to the Visit Eastern Cape website that they spoke of that it’s not just all talk there are some seriously good deals on there.

Tourism really is for everyone, and it pains me that it is so far out of the leagues of many. Perhaps that is something that will slowly start to change.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in our lifetime we start to see a thriving experience-based economy with the power to uplift poorer communities and entice even more visitors to our beautiful province?

What is tourism?

I’ve just gotten back home from a Women in Tourism breakfast at one of my favourite venues in PE (The Plantation) and we all had a great time chatting with each other and learning a few things from our speakers. It is quite exciting to know that tourism is taken so seriously on a national level in this country. It is such an important commodity in any thriving society, I think.

Of course, hanging out with the tourism folk in our little part of the woods wasn’t only mushy-inspiring, but it got me  properly thinking about tourism in general.

You see, while I do see myself as part of the tourism industry as a global whole, I see myself in this way only very casually. Sure. I provide a service. I sometimes provide that service for a fee, sometimes I trade it for experiences, and on occasion I do it for love and coffee, sometimes I do it purely for myself. In the foreground I write and tweet and Facebook and Instagram about my love of travel, and in the background I play travel advisor to friends and sometimes even strangers. (more…)

Tropical Eden Villas: the perfect place for a winter getaway

It’s Monday again and I’m still contemplating selling my belongings  and moving to a small town between the mountains. Anyone want to buy a thousand books and a really fat cat? Our recent trip to Patensie reminded me that small places don’t have to mean deathly winters, and it was actually quite a pleasant awakening.

When Jonker – Firefly the Travel Guy – fixed me up with Reneé from Tropical Eden Villas, I mentally prepared myself for a cold weekend. Now, a cold weekend I don’t mind – it’s a cold life that worries me a little! Unlike my husband, I am not someone who delights in cold weather, unless I can be tucked away inside, blissfully warm, while the cold rages on at my window, like a noisy reminder of how warm I am.

We got lucky in Patensie with the weather though, it was delightfully warm the entire time we were there. But it didn’t take me long to figure out that even if it was cold, we would have been just fine. The family suite at Tropical Eden Villas is so well kitted out that an indoor braai would help keep us all warm on even the coldest of nights, as well as make for an awesome social setting in even the foulest weather. Yes, we South Africans will braai in the rain if we have to, but it’s really nice to not have to get wet while doing it! Being at Tropical Eden Villas was just so easy. Absolutely everything we could even think of needing was available to us. I could quite happily have just stayed in my sunny bedroom and hibernated for three days!


The best part is that we had enough space to do our own thing while still being in each other’s company. And the even better best part was being able to happily let my kids go off for a walk (for as long as they wanted to) without feeling even a small twinge of worry about their wellbeing. Small places…I guess they make you comfortable….

I’d like to extend probably the 100th thank you to Reneé and Jonker for making this weekend possible for us.

The only problem is that I kind of want to move to Patensie now. So…uh…thanks for that…

Take Your Kids to the Countryside

As I said the other day, thanks to Firefly the Travel Guy and his friend Reneé, I’m still dreaming of the relaxing few days we spent at Tropical Eden Villas, nestled between the mountains and orange trees of the Bavianskloof. Now all I want to do is move to the countryside and raise goats and chickens. And turkeys. Because turkeys are magnificent. (Seriously: who needs someone to come and look after their farm? I’m there!)

The five of us spent a three day weekend exploring the roads between home and Patensie, eating way too many ice-creams and far too much braai food. We read books. We played games. We took a thousand photographs. And we had long conversations about really important things. (more…)

Connecting Around the Corner: An Adventure in Patensie

Yes. I’ve just come back from a ridiculously happy-making weekend in Patensie. Of all places. From Istanbul to Patensie? Isn’t that a little weird?

No. Of course it isn’t.

For the compulsive traveller, or for myself at least, the time after a big trip can be a challenge. Since getting home from Turkey in May I have  especially struggled. It’s my fault. I pushed our budget way too far and the post-apocalyptic fallout has been a little heavier than usual. It’s ok, it will get better soon.

The thing is, though, that travel doesn’t have to mean disappearing to far away (and therefore exotic) places. Especially not when you live in a country as diverse as ours. I do know this. So when my son said to me with the most hopeful sincerity, “Mom, I want us to go on a family holiday!” I decided that maybe I could make it happen over a weekend, somewhere close. Because how do you make a much-needed family getaway happen on a tight budget? You go just around the corner!

But where to start? There are so many corners around here! (more…)

St. Mary and the Incredible Town of Ephesus

I’m thinking of Ephesus today and how much more of Turkey there is for me to share before I slip back into the wonderfulness of here. My wanderlust has me itching to venture out of town again. Out-of-town is a small bandaid for the gushing wound that is eternal wanderlust.

Something I don’t think I’ve mentioned while chatting about our Turkish adventure is that our Turkish trip was initially supposed to be a trip to Israel.

I was incredibly keen to go to Israel, but one thing was making me balk: religion.

You see, I’ve kind of lost mine. This thing that used to be a massive part of me has kind of dissipated a bit and I’m struggling to get a handle on it. When we went to India last year I had it in my head that maybe a little bit of spirituality might find me (Eat, Pray, Love much?) but while I was most certainly overwhelmed by a stronger connection to the here and now (as always happens when I travel) I can’t say that I found any of our gods while I was there. This is just a long-winded way of saying that the reason I decided to skip Israel and go to Turkey instead was because I am not yet ready to visit a place that is of such huge significance to the specific religion that I follow. (I’m having an overwhelming desire to delete this last bit, but whatever. Transparency, right?)

The basic point is this: Ephesus  and St. Mary’s house acted as sort of a mini-spiritual experience, which was kind of perfect for this confusion-plagued traveller.  (more…)

Take Me Back to Pammukale

The wind has picked up and it almost feels like winter today, a strange feeling in the wake of a summer that refuses to end. I find myself thinking of the winteresque calcium deposits of Pammukale and not only wishing to go back in time, but wishing that I could hit pause as well. As far as exceptional places go, I think this piece of heaven might be right at the top of my list. Up there with the Cappodoccian balloon ride and the joys I feel whenever I enter Birds of Eden. These sorts of spaces always inspire that overwhelming reminder of how crazy beautiful this world that we live in is.

As I understand it, the calcium shelves at Pammukale are the result of both nature and the actions of mankind. The excess water servicing the ancient city on top of the hill was rerouted down the hill where the calcium rich streams caused these beautiful white pools. Today they’re maintained by only opening small portions of it up to the public and by continuing with the steady flow of water. The sight is quite breathtaking.

And you know what else? It’s romantic as hell. Walking hand-in-hand with my man through those freezing cold pools was pretty freaking nice. Especially since so few folks seemed to be prepared to walk right down to the bottom. Sadly we didn’t take out cameras with us (for fear we would slip and drown them) but at least one of the trusty cellphones came with and we have a few pics to share.

But wow, what an experience.

PS: the water tastes weird.