Longing For Home

I’m having weird feelings. I just shared a competition on Facebook for a stay at a bush lodge near Knysna somewhere. And now my head is going: Imagine a nice cold few days, snuggled up in a lodge somewhere. Hot chocolate in hand. Book on lap. Electric blanket keeping me warm. Husband snuggled up next to me.

It’s the only time I love the cold. Inside those lovely cabins, with fireplaces that smell of warmth and smoke. And when the next trip through the bushes to discover more of our animals wonders is just around the corner. Scarves and jackets. Sherry. Home cooked meals waiting to be served. Fellow travellers in awe of the day’s sightings.

This particular picture in my head is one of my favourite things about “around here”. The cozy lodge with the animals just over there. The sound of nature. Sometimes even a lion roar. I particularly have our stay at at Hlosi Game Lodge in mind right now, but pretty much anywhere around here will do. Kragga Kamma Game Park would even work. They have so many new babies this year I really should get myself out there and say hi.

Bloody hell we live in a special place.

And so in this moment I find myself appreciating here with fervour. Because I do so love this part of the world that we call home. As much as I am dreaming of our next exotic destination, it’s good to remember how here is like comfort food.

And comfort food is the best kind of food, isn’t it…

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