Kragga Kamma and Addo Elephant Park: The Perfect Share the Bay Combo

So I asked you all last week about how you go about sharing the bay with your guests and Sarah from Chasing the Rainbow had some awesome suggestions but at the writing of this post the rest of you failed me miserably with your silence. *raises questioning eyebrow*

I discovered, however, that when it comes to international guests especially (and shame probably those poor Cape Townian plebes who only have mountains to look at but no elephants) that right here in the bay we have the absolute perfect combination of exquisite pleasure for your eyes.

Of course I did technically already know this… But I didn’t know that I knew it. You know?

You see…. This is what happens. Addo is incredible. There is only a tiny chance of you going to Addo and not finding any elephants. On the odd occasions, I have heard, that the giants disappear and no one can find them (so mysterious!) but for the most part there is a high likelihood of you spotting the beasts and being completely awed by them. So of course, this is a brilliant place to take guests. Especially when they are British and all the animals they know are livestock and squirrels.

While at Addo your guests might well even see lions and all sorts of other treasures like dungbeetles and spring hares. How awesome, right?

Addo, however, has no giraffe. There are no tall trees in Addo for giraffe to feed off of.  And what is a trip to Africa if you don’t see a giraffe? An abomination! And this is why, Bayers, after you have taken your guests to Addo you MUST take them to Kragga Kamma Game Park. Because Kragga Kamma has giraffe. And they have cheetahs. And buffalo and those glorious beautiful fat unicorns (who have babies!) that we all love so damn much.

Together, Addo and Kragga Kamma make up the perfect gaming experience for anyone who has a little time to spend in our bay. So if you don’t know where to start, start there.

And after that? Well of course there is still so much more…

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