Introvert About Town

I made a deal with myself that this year I’d be a better tourist in my own town and that there’d be no international travel on the cards for a while. Well you already know that I failed on the international front, but I must admit I’m not doing quite as well as I’d like on the hometown touristing front either.

Well, I did go to Kragga Kamma and had a wonderful time in January, but since then I’ve been hibernating a little. It happens sometimes, and when it does it becomes  a little tough to snap out of it.

On Friday night my favourite artists, The Four Blind Mice, had an exhibition at ArtEC which I felt to go to out of love for the boys. Then, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism invited me out to The People’s Port Festival on Saturday. And then I spotted that the Colours of You team were hosting an Instameet at the festival as well. I finally broke my hibernation and ventured outside.

And, as always, I learned the lesson that wonderful things happen when you go outside!

The Instameet started before the NMBT event so at 9:30, before the festival opened we were all in the parking lot with our cameras. Gerard (seriously how much do we love that guy?) informed us all that we’d be going on a tugboat ride. Here I was just keen to hang out with some cool peeps and I scored a ride in a boat. No complaints here!

Then, windswept and happy, and emotionally recovering from an incident where my husband had to duck under my skirt to retrieve the slip that had somehow retreated to above my thighs (thanks PE wind!) we popped in at The Dockside where we were wined and dined by the ever fabulous Reuann from Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, just as a thanks for being lovers of the Bay.

I ended up going back to the festival on Sunday because I didn’t feel like I’d experienced it enough and because I wanted to take Noah. And I must say: well done to all of those involved. It was a great event!

This little dorp of ours is awesome, hey? And this year I officially become someone who has lived longer in Port Elizabeth than she has lived anywhere else. This makes me weirdly happy. I’m officially Port Elizabethan.

I love here. Which is why I never fail to #sharethebay when I do venture out of my introverted little cocoon. And why I’m never disappointed when I do.


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