In My Travel Bag: Nu-Tan

Probably you will laugh at me a bit but when we decided that we were going to Thailand one of the first thoughts I had was “Oh yay I can take my Nu-Tan with me and actually use it properly this time!” Last time I used it I kind of sucked a bit. Partly because it rained a lot when I first attempted to use it, but mostly because of who I am as a person. As in: I’m not the kind of person who pops out to her back yard for a tan. Especially not when there are three children in the house who look at you like you’ve lost the plot when you pop out to the garden in your bikini for no apparent reason.

Despite my first failed attempt at using Nu-Tan I did discover their biggest plus: My skin isn’t so sensitive when I use those patches! And THAT is why I am taking those babies with me to Thailand. Because this prone-to-looking-like-a-tomato-after-a-minute-in-the-sun skin of mine definitely likes those little patches.

So yes. I’m using Nu-Tan as part of my sun protection now.

I should try to explain this in a way that makes me sound less like a rabbit on speed…

Nu-Tan has a sort of hormone patch that you stick on your arms for a minimum of two hours before you go out into the sun. Then you get your tan on for half an hour and after a bit of regular use (patch plus 20 mins in the sun or 10 mins on a sunbed) you start to get an actual tan. This is great for doomed-to-be-pale folks like myself. And it does actually work.

Now I’m not too worried about my closely-resembling-death pallor (Drucilla and Morticia have been my #stylegoals for years) but, I am VERY concerned about how the sun tends to affect me. So, it is my hope that along with my sunscreen and my usual head-to-toe coverups, my Nu-Tan patches will help to keep that mean mean mean sunburn at bay.

And probably I will even get a tan for the first time in about 20 years.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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