I Totally Bought Hiking Shoes

Seems like a bit of a weird thing to announce that I’ve bought hiking shoes I suppose, but guys, I haven’t had a new pair of takkie-type shoes since about 2004. If not before then. To be honest I don’t even have “workout” clothes.

Generally my “walking shoes” consist of slops or pumps and lately I’ve been wearing these cute lace up things that Mr Price sells for really cheap. They’re good enough for walking. Last year I actually got a pair of “walking shoes” from Mr Price Sport and Lord if they didn’t chew massive holes in both of my feet on day one of my trip to Turkey. They’ve been in the naughty corner ever since.

But the thing is, I’ve been on a bit of a try-and-get-a-bit-healthier kick lately and thanks to my Herbalife journey as well as my Body20 journey I am at a point where I am legitimately strong and energetic enough to feel freaking keen to take up some hiking.

I’m going to Kanchanaburi while we are in Thailand and there are these crazy beautiful waterfalls that you can hike to and I am so so so so excited to see them.

So I bought hiking shoes.

For hiking.

I’m a hiker now.

My hiking shoes even have all these tiny holes in them so that you can walk in water and not feel like you’ve just messed up your shoes.

And they’re comfortable.

They’re ugly af. But they’re comfortable.

If you’re curious I got them online from Hi-tec for R299 which was kind of awesome because I didn’t have to go into a shop and try to pretend to be someone who buys things like hiking shoes, and also they were cheap (yay -sales!) which is great because I’m super stingy.

Now I just need hiking pants…

Anyone know what those look like?

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