I Just Pressed Enter

IMG_4837The three people who pay half an iota of attention to my incessant ramblings on Facebook may have picked up that I have plans to move to Thailand. Weird how these things work. You say the idea out loud and it’s fun to talk about and make plans but it usually feels like you’re having a conversation about what you plan to do with your fictitious lottery winnings. Well, after almost a year’s worth of “what I’d like to do” conversations followed by a few more serious conversations over this last month I have finally taken the firstย REALย ย step into making this all a reality: I paid for something. In fact I paid a lot of money for something!

I decided in February (while I quietly sat in the back seat of my dad’s Volvo on the way home from a wedding in Cape Town) that the scariness of our plan was that we planned to just go to Thailand, do our practical TEFL course and then kind of “wing it” as far as finding accommodation etc was concerned – with three kids in tow! The thought was kind of horrifying. So, what I decided to do was somehow save up for a separate no-kids-in-tow trip to Thailand for just the two of us. That way Ty can be sure that he is definitely happy to live in Thailand for a little while and we can do our course and figure a few things out without the pressure of over-excited kids to entertain.

Of course this is easier said than done. My three most consistent clients have politely dropped me with a “we’ll be in touch” promise that has yet to be fulfilled. Bye bye finances! Of course no one is taking my calls. So “saving” is proving to be a little tougher than I had originally hoped. Luckily Ty’s Herbalife business is ticking over steadily so that helps a lot.

The point is: I paid my first payment on our TEFL course. The payment has gone off of my credit card. We have to be in Thailand (Phuket) on the 13th of October. ย I am elated and terrified at the same time. But mostly elated because I just absolutely cannot wait. My kids are so excited. I am so excited. My husband is excited. There is happiness in my house.

Finances are just going to have to keep up otherwise I might have to exchange pics of my boobs for Kickstarter donations.


12 thoughts on “I Just Pressed Enter

  1. LOL I’d donate to prevent you exposing your boobs on kickstarter (you did mean boobs and not books, right?)
    Yay! *cheerleader pompoms rustling in the air* To quote Phoebe and Monica in one of the very first episodes of Friends – look look, elbows! squeeee! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy for you! If you believe in the law of attraction, which I do, your first step and your intention that brough about all this happy energy in your home will open the channels for the missing finances to pull up and cover all your needs. When old clients close their phonelines God opens new ones.

    1. Definitely boobs. No one wants pics of my books. Also….free pics of my books all over this blog already…. Boobs on the other hand…. *sly grin*

  2. What do you mean, no one! I want the pics of your booKs! can’t get enough of them! I have my own boobs, so I’ve no need to look at yours, you can keep them.

  3. Happy for you. You do know that rivers can be made in the desert so …. I don’t think the booby-thing will be required! lol

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