Valentine’s Day at The Kelway

So a little while ago I entered a Valentine’s Day competition and then completely forgot about it…until Monday when I got a message telling me that I had won a Valentine’s Dinner and a night in the honeymoon suite at The Kelway Hotel…

So yesterday was filled with heart shaped choccies and and googly goofiness. Kind of silly of course but it was a happy day. It’s  crazy what a night away from home does for your soul. Ty and I took a walk along the beachfront with some ice cream. We took a long bath and dressed up and ate wonderful food and got to spend the night in the coziest room.

It was delightful! Definitely the best Valentine’s Day ever. 

I get that it’s a commercial day and blah blah blah… But it was damn awesome to just spend some time remembering why I adore this man (not that I forget this constantly or anything like that but still!) and to just have a small break from real life which has been particularly crazy of late…

Also – St. Valentine was a pretty awesome guy. And I think it’s cool to celebrate what he stood for… I might be divorced, but I do still believe in marriage after all…

Thank you so much to the fabulous staff at The Kelway Hotel! All of you were wonderful. And thank you especially to those involved in choosing MY story as the most romantic. I think our story is pretty damn special too…

My winning entry (which now that I’ve read it again I see is completely shockingly written but I remember being too lazy to proof it before sending it!):

“I met my fiance in the typical 21st century way – on Twitter!

I never took much notice of him online, I must admit. He’s kind of quiet there (though since meeting me he’s become a little more vocal I think…) One day one of my best friends and I decided to organize a “Tweet Up” – basically just a gathering where you can meet the people you have been chatting to online in person. It was pretty well supported, which was great.

Now I knew a bit about Tyrone (I knew he was a single parent, like me) but I didn’t know much. Apart from the odd quip here and there we hadn’t chatted much. I walked into the coffee shop where all the tweeters were meeting that morning and for some reason I just knew. I looked at this tall gentle looking man and thought, “hmmm, I bet being married to you would be kinda nice.” I hadn’t even spoken to him yet. How is THAT for the worlds most random thought? I nearly started laughing out loud. He walked up to us, gave us both a giant hug (I later learned that even though he “always hugs any girl he meets” he started that habit the day he met me because he wanted to hug me and then just kept it up!) It was so odd. I kept trying to talk to him, but could never think of anything intelligent to say. I think I hardly spoke at all throughout the entire breakfast. I tried. But I just felt goofy! Later i even followed him when he took his kids to the swings, and then stood there like a tongue tied idiot with nothing to say! Now you must understand that having nothing to say is not my style at all! And I have NO PROBLEM flirting with anyone. I could charm a rock if you wanted me to. But not on that day.

I went home after that and then told my sister I was going to marry him. I then phoned my friend and told her the same thing. Both told me they thought that was a brilliant idea (haha!)

I then continued to try and strike up a conversation with him – and continued to fail miserably! Just as I was about to give up, he called me and asked me out for coffee. At that stage I thought it was a “just friends” invitation (because he had told me if I ever needed to chat about the whole single parenting thing he was available) and honestly I thought he was just being a nice bloke and trying to be nice to the dumped-with-a-baby single girl. I told my mom it was a date anyway though – because it sounded cool!

Well – I remember there was a lot of giggling through that whole date. And apparently I told him my whole dating history in one breath between sips of cappuccino – a first date no-no if there ever was one! But oh the giggling! My goodness I was annoying myself!

When my mom asked me how it went I said something like, “yeah that guy is never going to ask me out again….”

But he did. For lunch the next day. And then for supper as well. A few days later he asked me to officially be his girlfriend.

We have been engaged for a year and a half now. Somehow between three children, crazy financial problems and a few other nightmares we managed to hold onto an rather unbreakable bond. And one of these days we are going to quietly slip away and promise to be together forever… I can’t wait!”

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  1. Aw thanks honey! If I had been kind enough to think of suggesting that you enter the competition I am pretty sure you might have won… Kind of glad I didn’t think of it hehe!!

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