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So I posted a bit about home schooling the other day and was so delighted to find that some of my absolute favourite moms are home schoolers! (Yes – I know it sounds mad that I didn’t know this…but let’s face it…most of my favourite people are on Twitter…) Perhaps it is silly but when someone you like/admire is supportive of something so huge you kind of feel just a little bit more validated. So for those of you who have been so great in saying “yes!” and putting forth solutions instead of throwing problems, I salute you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Of course none of this is to say that I have made my decision just yet. I jump from thinking it is a wonderful idea to questioning my sanity on an hourly basis, but I would just like to share a little story with you so that you can sort of understand why I am thinking of going in the home schooling direction.

My daughter, Bridgette, is going to be in a play soon. It is called Box of Buttons or something (I have forgotten because I am a terrible mother clearly) and for this play she needed a pair of black tights and a black tshirt. She was given a bunch of squares of multicoloured felt that needed to be cut into circles and sewn onto her pants and shirt. Fine. Now immediately I know that all this sewing is expected of moms/dads/grannies and I kind of thought, No, Bridgette must do it herself. She happily obliged and started on the project. Now her sewing is not great (she is 9) but it was going just fine and i was so proud of her for doing it herself. She was sitting in front of the tv sewing (something I kind of love because it’s what I always used to do as a kid – sew/knit/colour/draw in front of the tv) The first couple of circles went on great. But of course she started to get lazy and took some serious short cuts with the last few. Being the dreadfully negligent parent that I am, I never checked on them when she told me she was done. I just said “Good girl” and sent her to bed.

Now, when I took a look at the work she had done last night it came as no surprise that the teacher had sent it back to be redone. What DID come as a surprise was the note that was sent with it.

First of all, she seems to think that I sewed the clothing, and second of all…shouldn’t being able to spell the word “sew” be a prerequisite to teaching anyone anywhere?

Now I agree that the kid needs to redo some of them. But let there just be one complaint that those dots have not been sewn on by a professional seamstress with an overlocker and I swear my momma bear claws are going to come out in full force. Am I so wrong in thinking that the children need to learn to do things for themselves? Somewhere along the line independence seems to have completely fallen away. Kids can’t do homework on their own. And worse they can’t do school work on their own but the infrastructure doesn’t allow for each child to be given the exact amount of help that they need. It’s frightening! I want my kids to be accountable for their own destinies…while we guide and help them along the way. Does that seem stupid? Am I insane to feel that conventional schooling may very well be stunting independence?

Also… Please will someone explain to me why a grown up communicating with a grown up feels the need to send a note written on an apple?


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    1. Honestly that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things that annoy me about this school that they go to. I refuse to have anything to do with any of it because I know that if I somehow accidentally find myself with five minutes of someone in charge’s time I’m going to go ballistic and come off as a psychopath!

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