Give Me Back the Greens of Kerala

As I have noted several times this month, my Facebook memories feed is filled with memories of our trip to India two years ago. I must admit: that was the year I kind of caught feelings for Instagram and I do owe anyone unfortunate enough who was following my Facebook and Instagram at the time an apology. Guys – I posted SO MANY PICTURES. I’m sorry. A bit. In my defence posting all those pics made me really happy at the time, even though it’s made me go wtf in the present. I do, however, admit that it is likely I will do it again in the future. I can’t help it. I’ve always been a bit naturally extra…

Those damn pics make the travel bug bite though. God we had such a good time. After spending Valentine’s Week around The Golden Triangle, we moved on to the Kerala district. This district is so green and beautiful. A stark contrast, of course, to the drought that our part of the world is currently struggling with.

This decidedly slower-paced experience was one I would have loved to extend, even though the mountains of Munnar made it so difficult for me to breathe! This sea-level girl can’t deal with altitude at all!! Cochi with it’s fisherman and crazy markets. Munnar with all that tea. Kumarakom… Oh Kumarakom, how I loved you the most. So many birds. So much life everywhere.

I am spoiled and grateful. And at the same time so hopelessly unsatiated in my lust to explore more. How glorious for me to be able to say I have been there and to be able to coddle my own wanderlust with you’ve made it work before you can do it again.

A friend told me yesterday that she is so glad she doesn’t have travel lusts. And I must admit I agree with her: she is lucky. Because I find myself at a point where I miss everywhere. I miss the Kerala district. I miss The Golden Triangle. I miss Mumbai and the crazy traffic there. I miss the hustle and bustle. I miss the quiet.

Travel can be a heartbreaking thing. But what more can be expected when your life’s goal is to leave tiny pieces of your heart all over the world?

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