Getting back on the horse…

Ah so today I actually wrote a bit. I’ve been going through my novel just to familiarize myself with it again. It has been SO long since I last worked on it. But today I did actually do a little work and I must admit it felt pretty damn fantastic.

It’s funny how the thought of getting back into it has been been such a weight on my shoulders, and yet today it just worked so naturally. I do love my chosen profession. I do know that I would never be happy doing anything else –  now if I could just be happy with the idea that I can only be happy if I write!

I really did think it was going to be harder though. I’ve been doing a bit of ghost writing work lately and that has been kind of heavy. It’s not hard work (o sometimes it is) but it’s just not my work. I think maybe for a while I confused the two. As in “this is how hard it is to write” when really it isn’t. The two kinds of writing are completely different, and while I did know the difference from a “Working” point, I think I forgot the difference from a fun point. As in my  work is fun. I do love the stuff I write about. I love my characters. Some of them I even fall in love with. And I have most definitely missed them…

So…Edward, Harriet, Jenny, Walter and Damien…. I am really glad to have you guys back!

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