My Favourite Way to Celebrate

It seems my book blog and my personal blog are getting most of my attention these days. And here my poor main blog must be feeling neglected! Do blogs feel neglected? Or do they kind of quietly just go “oh thank goodness she’s left me alone a little”?


I’ve been meaning to touch on this topic for almost a month now! On the 19th of February my momma bear turned 60. Instead of a party she chose to celebrate by sponsoring a trip to Port Alfred for the whole family. And there are 12 of us so my mom is like a superhero but better.

I kind of love the way my family is when we’re together because it’s always kind of casual with no expectations. You never feel like you’re about to screw up somehow and earn yourself a spot on the naughty list. It took me a while to figure it out but I have definitely learned that we are kind of lucky.

We’ve done a few “getaway” celebrations over the years. March brings back many honeymoon and anniversary memories for Ty and I. And then of course last year the two of us went to Turkey for (around) my 35th.

So trips instead of parties have kind of been on my mind, lately. Like yeah, this is a thing we should strive to keep doing. Celebrating with exploration. I hope we can manage to keep it up, as a couple as well as as a family.

Thanks Mom (and Dad) for spoiling US for your birthday this year, and for allowing us to have an extra getaway to indulge in for 2018. I hope we do this kind of thing more often in the future, all of us together. Because it was really damn nice! It was nice to just hang out and eat and chat. It was nice to be in a space where there were no expectations. I could nap and read all I wanted. Vanessa could knit her knitting. The boys watched sport or whatever. Folks went for walks and went swimming when they wanted to. Cameras were played with. Many selfies were taken. Games were played. It was glorious.

I love you guys all so much.


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