Dear Friends, You’re Always Welcome Here

For the last couple of weeks India has been on my timeline, and so of course I’ve been thinking about how while I was in India I met the most fantastic couple: Ella & Jack. Silly, I know. In reality we only spent a couple of hours together, exploring the Taj Mahal on Valentine’s Day, but I love those two so much! One of my absolute favourite things about traveling is that there is always something so special about the people I meet while doing it. As someone who spends a lot of time feeling a bit out of place no matter where she is, it’s a big deal for me to ever be in the sort of space where I feel like I (*gasp*) fit in. I do recognize that this is no more or less true within travel circles than it is outside of those circles, but feelings are feelings and the good ones should not be denied.

Of course I have met people from all over, not just in India. Many of you have a special place in my heart and I appreciate the small amount of time that I shared with you out there in the big wide world. I think of you often and wonder after your wellbeing. I find my mind drifts towards a number of you as I get nostalgic about past travels or start making plans towards the next adventure. I find myself wondering if your next adventure is on the horizon, or if you know just how wonderful my little part of the world is. And if you do know, would you considering visiting it?

So here’s the thing:

This wanderlust issue that we all seem to have been afflicted with is not exactly the easiest of ailments. Travel costs an extraordinary amount of money. It’s not exactly a habit that is juggled easily by the average middleclassman. Everything about travel costs way more than you expect it to which is a major problem when your heart desires to see everything everywhere.

Even more tricky is trying to see a more authentic version of a place. Sure the tourist version is awesome (I love it myself!) but I personally do crave more than that sometimes which is an especially hard thing to pull off when you have limited time somewhere and you’re afraid to waste any of it getting lost and frustrated (this could just be me!)

The point is that you’re welcome here. Anytime. If you’re ever in my area looking to explore a new place, let me know. I might not have the most comfortable house and we may be a little bit squished, but we’ll make it work. And I’ll take you to see the elephants at Addo Elephant Park and I’ll take you for a walk on the pier and I’ll show you Kragga Kamma Game Reserve which I love and maybe take you to see the mosaic at the Donkin and we can walk through St. George’s Park and maybe pop into the art galleries…

I can even try and figure out how to feed you authentic South African food. We have some! We just need to dig around for it a bit. I’ll spare you the smileys and mopani worms and other gross things, but koeksisters and milk tart and braaiing we can do. I’ll even introduce you to Peck’s Anchovette which most people hate but I love and apparently you don’t get it anywhere else…

You’re welcome here. Truly.

Because I get it. I get that it’s hard to travel as much as we’d all like to. And I get that a bed that doesn’t come with any strings attached might just make a difference when it comes to those costs.

So please don’t forget.

You’re welcome here.

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