Coffee at Little Angels ~ The Sample Chapter

Hello friends!!

Yesterday was such a good day for me. The response to the cover of my book was absolutely incredible – THANK YOU ALL!! I must also give a special thank you to Charlene Channon (who took the photo and so graciously allowed me to use it) and to Lana Breedt who put the design together. Two fantastic ladies! I appreciate you both so much!

Anyway – as promised I have a little sneak preview of my book for you. You know how at the end of a novel they sometimes put in the first chapter of the next book as a little taster? And then you have to wait until the next book comes out before you can buy it? Well… This is a little bit like that. Except that I won’t make you wait too long…. Maybe just a week or two…

So click here to get your free chapter –>  Download *

I hope you enjoy it and it makes you want to read further. Would LOVE some feedback as always.

Happy reading!!

Love Nayes

*please right click to save the chapter to your computer, otherwise it will simply download in a new tab.


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