Getting Wet in the Garden – A Guest Post by Amelia Meyer

The Garden Route’s official borders end at Mossel Bay in the Western Cape and Storms River in the Eastern Cape and, between these two gems, lies a world of adventure. This area is known for being unabashedly beautiful. It has forests, mountains, valleys, vineyards, quaint towns and vast stretches of gorgeous beaches.

Until a few years ago, I didn’t want to have much more to do with the sea than look at it, jump over knee-high waves, and lie next to it in the sun. Then, I married someone who has salt water running through his veins. The ocean is part of who he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found some dorado DNA in his brush. So, in addition to experiencing the water in a different way, I’ve actually found that the whole of the Garden Route holds different promise for travellers. I may not be able to speak dolphin yet, but I’m certainly more aware of all the wonder and adventure that the gorgeous Indian Ocean has in store for visitors to this magnificent part of South Africa.

So, here is a list of water sports and the best spots along the Garden Route in which to indulge your inner Kai Lenny: (more…)