Bad Service Blues

Photo on 2014-04-09 at 11.12 AMI may have said it before but I think being involved in Herbalife has ruined me as a customer. You know how you get those timid customers who never demand anything, they just kind of sit back and take the crap that you give them? I suck at that. And I blame Herbalife. You see, because I have been to so many Herbalife seminars and meetings and because I have been fortunate enough to interact with the creme de la creme of Herbalife society I have some seriously high standards instilled in me. Actually, they’re not that high. They’re pretty reasonable. They only look high because “reasonable” has become too much to ask of basic service providers. 

When it comes to my standards for service, the standard is simple:

Look after your customer! 

I hate to state the obvious here folks, but your customers don’t know what they need. You need to tell them what they need. Why? Because YOU are the expert at your job. They have come TO YOU for help.

I’m busy trying to sort out travel plans to Thailand at the moment. Plane tickets are a nightmare. They are SO expensive. And we are putting away every penny at the moment. So I was quite happy when I came across a flight special the other day which included a week’s worth of accommodation in a 4 star hotel in Phuket. Awesome. Tickets plus a cool posse for not too much money. Second honeymoon here we come!

The thing is this:

I contact the people and give them my dates. The quote comes back almost 5k higher than what it was supposed to be and they haven’t even added airfare from PE to Joburg. I immediately notice that she has scheduled a flight for 00:15 on my departure day. Dude…seriously….I don’t care that technically midnight means “the next day” —it’s not the bloody next day yet. I also notice that ON OUR WAY HOME we get to have a nice little sleepover in Durban.

Are you kidding me? You think I want to return from my holiday and then spend a night in Durban?

Now this is what I really struggle to understand….

All of our communication has come from me. I have asked if it is a problem to fly from Here to Bangkok and then from Phuket back home. Is this why the cost is so high. No answer.

This seems to be the typical standard of service we can expect around here. If you can’t tell that I am trying to save as much money as possible then you must be rather blind. I have mentioned on countless occasions that the dates on either side can be moved around if the cost will come down. All of this gets ignored. Instead I just get given my ridiculous quote.

I have given you my needs. Now it is your turn. Why? Because this is your job. You understand this better than I do. You know what will be best for us. You are equipped to say “rather fly in and out of one airport”. You are equipped to say “rather fly on a Wednesday because fares are cheaper then”. But no. Instead you’re just bloody fucking unhelpful and you expect me to find myself a hotel in Durban before I can even come home to my kids after a long international flight.

Are you KIDDING ME??!!!

Planning a trip is a nightmare. Your travel agent is surely supposed to make it less of a nightmare and not more. Surely?!

And then? Then there’s Dave. Dave  is a British guy who lives in Bangkok and he’s been helping us sort out our TEFL qualification. No question is too dumb. He answers everything and offers help and guidance at every turn. And when I start to panic? Dave even plays therapist and calms all my fears.

Thank you Dave. I wish there were more service providers like you.

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