Connecting Around the Corner: An Adventure in Patensie

Yes. I’ve just come back from a ridiculously happy-making weekend in Patensie. Of all places. From Istanbul to Patensie? Isn’t that a little weird?

No. Of course it isn’t.

For the compulsive traveller, or for myself at least, the time after a big trip can be a challenge. Since getting home from Turkey in May I have  especially struggled. It’s my fault. I pushed our budget way too far and the post-apocalyptic fallout has been a little heavier than usual. It’s ok, it will get better soon.

The thing is, though, that travel doesn’t have to mean disappearing to far away (and therefore exotic) places. Especially not when you live in a country as diverse as ours. I do know this. So when my son said to me with the most hopeful sincerity, “Mom, I want us to go on a family holiday!” I decided that maybe I could make it happen over a weekend, somewhere close. Because how do you make a much-needed family getaway happen on a tight budget? You go just around the corner!

But where to start? There are so many corners around here!

Thankfully I have friends like Jonker Fourie – aka Firefly the Travel Guy – aka The King of Local Travel. Let me tell you something about travel friends: they love helping you find a good spot to explore. You already know this. It’s why so many of you inbox me for ideas! (Keep that up by the way I actually love it)

Asking Jonker for help lead me somewhere I might not have considered while figuring out where to go for the weekend. So that is how I ended up in Patensie. Jonker put me in touch with Reneé Scheepers from Tropical Eden Villas who spoiled myself and my family with the most wonderful accommodation nestled in this peaceful little town. I crashed into an afternoon nap in the sun mere minutes after I arrived, hugging a warm pillow to myself as I basked like a kitten. Can I live here forever? Please?

The country girl in me had forgotten the glorious peace to be found in small places. All that winter sunshine that warms your heart and soul. The country girl in me had forgotten how the presence of farm life around you has its own particular joy that cannot be described as easily as it is felt.

I think we city folk so often talk of disconnecting when it comes to needing a break. Maybe we’ve got it wrong though. Maybe it’s not disconnection that we need, but connection. The connection you find while walking the peaceful, unthreatening streets of a small space. The connection you find while watching the sun set over glorious mountains, as you amble slowly over gravel roads, hand-in-hand with your soulmate and your progenies.

Maybe it’s connection that we need.

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  1. Small places have so much culture in them. It’s surprising how easily one can fill the day with activities in a small town/village. I recently went to McGregor and it was amazing. I know Patensie is around the corner but I’ve never been there. I must take a trip

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