All About Me

imageI often get asked what Keep Passing the Open Windows means and I have to admit that I’m sometimes tempted to not tell the truth. While there are folks who recognise the reference from my favourite Irving novel – The Hotel New Hampshire – and therefore kind of get what it means, most folks are kind of taken aback when I tell them that Keep Passing the Open Windows is basically an instruction to not commit suicide. Now I do acknowledge that that’s kind of a dark sentiment, but I always found it so exceptionally beautiful. I started this blog in 2009 as something to keep me passing the open windows, and since then it has become a place where I share the things that keep me going. It is for this reason that you will find that my blog never has an obvious theme.

I have in the past considered focusing on a less broad array of topics, but I cannot deny that a focused theme would be out of sorts with my very humanity. I am, you see, a creature of multi-dimension. I am a creature capable of intense depths in so many areas. A scattered creature, perhaps. In fact, a scattered creature definitely! But there is so much out there to fall in love with. There is so much out there to rage against. There is so much out there to work through. There are so many reasons so break, and so many reasons to heal. I cannot imagine censoring myself in a strategic attempt to come across as more bite-sized or user friendly.

imageSo forgive me if you cannot figure out why The Family Girl who is struggling and celebrating through parenthood and using her cats to keep herself sane has suddenly turned into The Warrior, a girl with so much rage in the face of social injustice that she at moments comes off as if she might have lost her mind. Forgive me if The Introverted Bookworm suddenly turns into The Social Butterfly. Forgive me when The Writer leaves her fictional world behind in favour of her camera and the adventures of The Traveller.

Forgive me when it doesn’t make sense. But we’re all in here. And all of us have a voice.