July Photo Challenge #3: Something Old

Something Old


This broken bunny has been around for as long as I can remember. To be quite honest I’m not even 100% sure that it is mine. I just found her amongst my printers tray things the other day and thought, “gosh this thing has been around forever.” And then I thought, “Did I steal this from my mom?”


So I’ve learned of late that creativity challenges are possibly not for me. I’ve done a lot of dreaming about what I’d like to be writing about and photographing, and felt a lot of resentment and annoyance when thinking about the stuff I am meant to be doing for “challenges”. Blegh. Kind of counter-productive.

So…the writing challenge I am definitely skipping. But yay for getting to share about my boob habits and some of my favourite words….right? At the moment it all feels creatively irrelevant to me. PLEASE  don’t get me wrong – these kinds of things can be magical for one’s creativity sometimes. I like these sorts of things usually because they kind of remind you about yourself…which is something that needs doing from time-to-time. Writing challenges ask after your fears, your appreciations, your thoughts, plans, dreams. These are often good things to think about, especially if you’re usually too chaotic to give them any time. Sometimes a writer’s challenge which seems to be about one thing, will inadvertently teach you a whole other lesson. In my real life I live in a buzzy onslaught of thoughts that I should be getting down though. Attention must be given to those things which breed excitement. Attention must be given to the things which arrive at the right time.

As for photography challenges? I should really make an effort on those. For one: I’ve gotten my kids to do the July Challenge with me. At the moment they are winning!! So I will need to catch up lest I be shown up. Their energy makes me kind of excited about it. I also need the creativity nudge in this department because let’s face it: so far my new hobby has me taking a thousand pictures of my kid. It is time to move on from that comfort zone a bit.

Although…I do admit that Noah is probably going to feature a lot in this challenge as well anyway…

Eye Blues

We kind of decided to give up on trying to get my eyes fixed today. Which kind of sucks because I was really looking forward to it, but is also kind of a relief because I can really not handle dealing with medical folks any more. I need a break. My husband needs a break too.

It’s funny how ridiculous these kinds of things can make you feel.

Here is the thing though:

We want to know exactly how much of this R15 000 procedure will be covered by our medical aid. They have agreed to pay for it out of our Medical Savings and have assured us that they have an agreement with The Eye & Laser Institute of Port Elizabeth which stipulates that they will charge Discovery clients at Discovery rates.

Confident of this we booked our first appointment, paid for it, and then discovered on claiming the money back that not all of it was covered.


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Writer’s Bootcamp Day 2: My five favourite words

I’m pretty sure most normal people don’t have five favourite words.

I happen to have three:




I love the way those words feel in my mouth. I love what they mean. I love how they sound.

If I have to choose two more I think they would have to be bubbles and discombobulated. 

Writer’s Bootcamp Day 1: Even if you know me well you don’t (ok, might not) know this

So a couple of friends are doing this Writer’s Bootcamp thing and I kind of thought about doing it and then thought I didn’t really feel like it and would rather take pictures, but I’m done taking pictures for today so I re-thought about it and decided to do both. We’ll see how long it last. Bet amongst yourselves if you wish…

I reckon I’m pretty much an open book most of the time so finding something that most people don’t know about me is a bit of a challenge. You can ask me anything and I will most likely be far more honest than you were hoping for. It can get a little awkward. I think I spent a very long childhood learning that being myself was mostly unacceptable (didn’t we all?) so I might accidentally overcompensate for that in my adulthood.

Anyway…. You might not know that I hardly ever wear bras. I suppose that might be weird for some folks but I have become really comfortable with it. I don’t have tiny breasts either, they’re pretty average-sized, so it’s not a case of not bothering with bras because I have nothing to put in them. I’m not really sure why I made the decision. Comfort mostly. I’ve since become  kind of less horrified by the idea of having a nipple show through a t-shirt (seriously – it’s a nipple – get over it!) or a jersey, and I don’t think I’m even too worried that they’ll pop out of anything. They’re just breasts, right? I think they’re becoming perkier…although that could totally be my imagination….

July Photo Challenge #2: Something I Don’t Like


This is my passageway. Those window frames have been up on the wall since just after we get married. I have been planning to put our wedding pictures in there for over two years now. I hate that they’re still empty. I really just need to find the money somewhere and sort it out. I think it will be gorgeous once it’s done. Funny enough the absolutely disgusting floor doesn’t bother me nearly as much. The floor won’t be getting any “fixing” attention any time soon.

July Photo Challenge #1: A Word


A little silliness. I decided to do this challenge to get myself out of only photographing Noah. Then took a pic of his name to start. Possibly I’m in a strange mood.

July 2014 Photo Challenge

photo challenge


To see  all of my contributions check Tumblr :)

Photo Challenging

Greetings Humans!

So it seems that a whole boatload of my friends are doing a writing challenge on their blogs at the moment. It’s kind of fun seeing their individual responses to the challenges. I considered doing the writing challenge myself but then thought that since I’m having so much fun with photo-ing at the moment maybe I should do a photo challenge instead…

Here’s my problem though:

I truly am having so much fun playing with my camera (you can check out my results on tumblr). Poor Noah. He is so sick of me! I need to get a little more creative. Maybe let him play with his camera a bit while I play with mine. He seemed to respond well to me letting him take my picture yesterday. But photo challenges strike me as so….uncreative! I suppose if you’re brilliant you can turn any topic into a masterpiece. I certainly am void of that ability.

First, I’ve already bathed and am in my PJs and I have recently had to admit to myself that “taking a selfie” is not my forte. I SUCK properly at it. Luckily my camera has a screen that kind of flips out, so that helps. but still. I need to skip selfie’s for a while. Finding a selfie-less challenge was a challenge in itself. Another challenge was finding a challenge that wasn’t all American Summer themed.

Anyway: I found one that doesn’t suck (I’ll post it in the next post). So we’re gonna try it. And then maybe we’ll try another one sometime too :)

Happy eveninging, folks!



Adopt, Don’t Shop

PoopyOn Sunday morning the husband and I went to Art in the Park to indulge in our monthly springroll binge and we took my Momma Bear with us. She had great plans to buy many plants and books. I had plans to buy no books whatsoever, but had great plans for slipping into a food coma. Well, I accidentally bought five books (oops) and ma found no plants. But we both got to meet the cutest little cutie at the park and suddenly she lives with mom and everyone is just in love. The Animal Welfare Society  folks are clever like that. They take their beautiful charges to the park and what are we supposed to do but fall in love?

Today we went to officially adopt her (having friends in high AWS places is convenient like that) and Mom and I discovered that in  our little angels file she has been marked as “unwanted”. That makes me so sad. Here is this little tyke who has so quickly crept into all of our hearts (she’s supposed to be my mom’s but she lives at my house half the time too – much to the delight of my son) and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want her.

It makes me kind of sad to think that folks just get tired of their pets and then dump them. And she’s such a sweetie!

Anyway — adopting has become a regular thing in our family, and I must admit it is rather satisfying. There’s an undeniable softness to all our adopted pets. I wouldn’t really call myself an “animal person” but I love our little rescues. They’re grateful, protective and loving. And even though this new addition is not “mine” I feel proud that our family has rescued another little soul.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, it feels honourable.

Welcome to the family little one. I hope your new parents settle on a name for you soon!

Noah and the Birdies

In my attempt to try and lead a more creative life I decided to make Noah dress up on Saturday so that I could take some pics of him. He’s my favourite subject. I imagine at some point I will need to expand my horizons a little but for now I shall allow him to be my muse and model. He wasn’t particularly happy about it. You could tell he was just being polite. I think maybe next time I will have to dress up as well and then let him take some pictures of me.


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Finding a Passion Project

10498571_10154319983435094_1065362438061062374_oI’m supposed to be working but instead I’m curled up next to my kid and thinking about happiness while I listen to him talk for his toys. The motorbike and the gorilla are having a heated conversation. In a foreign language.

I  have become addicted to a website called MindBodyGreen lately. For the first time I feel like I am reading about lifestyle stuff that makes sense to me. They say that reading for 6 minutes a day can improve your overall happiness. I don’t think reading a Facebook timeline counts (in fact I’d go so far as to say that FB has the opposite effect)  but I do kind of think that between discovering this particular website and my new obsession with Humans of New York  a minuscule improvement to my happiness has taken place.

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Medical Monsters

I have an eye appointment to get lasik surgery tomorrow. It is at 1pm. I’m almost certain I will not be making that appointment.

This morning I told a stranger that she had no integrity. I’m sure the conversation was not fun for her. She stuttered and mumbled excuses, but fuck it. I am so tired of all the sugar coating that goes on in life. Perhaps that makes me a villain, but I don’t want to play this game nicely anymore.

A couple of months ago my dad had surgery on his eyes and I found myself envious. I never wear contacts anymore because they itch. So far three different optometrists have not taken any particular interest in helping with this problem. Having my eyes “fixed” would make a huge difference to my summers, and since we are moving to Thailand soon it almost seems “necessary”.

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Oh Father’s Day! *sponsored post*

Boardwalk 4So when Mother’s Day came around last month I had this beautiful clarifying moment that made me feel all validated: I’m a mom! I’m a mom so seriously…Mother’s Day is MY day! Of course no epiphany is worth anything if it is not followed by something glorious, so I quickly told my husband in no uncertain terms that Mother’s Day was his baby and that it was up to him to sort something Mothers Day-ish out with my brother and father (and the children, of course) — I would have nothing to do with it.

Of course, I had to stop myself from making sure that it was handled every five minutes. But still: yay me!

Well…the boys and the kids all got together and made us all a lovely breakfast. My mom, Ty’s grand and I didn’t have to lift a finger. It was glorious. No cooking. No cleaning. Lots of coffee and bacon. Please and thank you!

The only problem is this: Father’s Day is coming.

Which kind of means it is now my turn to slap together a huge meal of some sort while expecting no help from the men. Typically we should probably do something manly like make a fire and braai steak. You know…because of…the reasons…

Um…I don’t want to…. I don’t like smelling like smoke. Or cooking on Sundays… Also I don’t think I know how to make a fire and since I have no real desire to ever enter into Survivor or marry that Bear guy who eats snakes, I am in no hurry to learn how.

Thankfully Bayside Pantry at The Boardwalk is having the most fantastic Father’s Day special this year. It’s braai food and draught beers for the boys this weekend and I can’t really think of anything to make them happier. Then, of course, after all the food we can hand them a bunch of arcade game coins and let them go and win us a bunch of fluffy toys, right?

It’s almost too easy….

Photo credit: Port Elizabeth Daily Photo

Jobless & Dreaming *sponsored post*

newspaper-classifiedsThe subject of “jobs” seems to be coming up a lot in conversation lately. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I have only just started paying attention, but I have certainly had the “job” conversation with about six or seven different people in the last few weeks or so. It can be a poisonous train of thought, I think. To get into that spiral of joblessness. It can consume you. Ruin you. Kick you at your most vulnerable. And worst? It sucks away your attractive qualities when for very legitimate reasons it is necessary for you to be at your most attractive.

Can I tell you a secret?

I have almost never been “employed”.

Oh yes. The odd “real job” here and there. Jobs where I was expected to show up on time and leave at a respectable hour. Some of those jobs I loved, some I hated. All contributed to my growth. None a waste of time.

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