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Wechsler opens up a world of luxury

Knock, Knock…. Open Sesame!

New Wechsler introduces Fired Earth Door Knobs and Hooks exclusive to Builders Warehouse.


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A Family Trip to The Valley of the Waves ~ *sponsored post*

resizedimage.axd-5It’s quite a strange thing to go from being the single mom of a rather placid toddler to being a married woman with three kids.  There are undoubtedly moments when I find myself overwhelmed by the two extra creatures in my care. They’re almost teenagers now. In fact, Thomas will be 13 next month. I don’t feel old enough to have a teenaged son. But I guess I do, don’t I?

I draw on my own experiences a lot when it comes to my step children. With my own son it seems that parenting comes naturally. It is an instinctive act that requires no forethought. It is different with my stepkids, so I use my own childhood as a frame of reference. For some reason I remember my childhood very distinctly. I am grateful for this because I think it helps. Read the rest of this entry »

If Jennifer Lawrence ever starts a cult…

1780690_680177085378543_1565019014_nSo for some reason I’ve been thinking about Jennifer  Lawrence a lot lately. For the most part (with the exception of all things Doctor Who and possibly Matthew Gray Gubler…) I’m not much of a starstruck person, but I cannot help but be overwhelmed by my impression of this woman. What a fantastic human being! What a refreshing change from the usual Kardashian-esque nonsense that we are supposedly mean to be enamoured by. Granted I recognise that finding this woman to be charming is not exactly a unique show of taste – she is, after all, the current media darling and many people are standing up and taking notice of her level-headedness. The thing is: the idea of her makes me kind of happy. And I find myself in the gawwkishly fangirl position of wanting to thank her for being so great. Between Jennifer Lawrence and John Green I think a sort of sense of hope has settled over me. Somehow the two of them have alleviated a bit of a sense of impending doom in her. Good people. Uncompromising people. People who I would happily follow if they ever started a cult… Is that weird?

On Eyes and Other Medical Details

Photo on 2014-03-22 at 4.07 PM #2I have crap eyes. I noticed this when I was about 9-ish and could no longer accurately see what was written on the board at school. Luckily for me this somehow did not effect my education (having classmates with good eyesight helps) but being uninterested in the humiliation of wearing glasses (sigh) I kind of shied away from the subject for a very long time. Finally when I was about 14/15 The Dad convinced me to get contact lenses and being able to see properly was kind of glorious.

Anyway – fast forward fifteen years and I am a far less vain-and-worried-about-teasing person so I wear my glasses all the time. Also I am lazy and kind of absent minded so contact lenses are kind of a saved-for-special-occasions item. They also suck. Various optometrists have not been particularly helpful with the “my contact lenses bother me” thing so I have happily settled into specs. Which is fine. I’m a bit of a nerd. It stands to reason I should wear specs.  Read the rest of this entry »

My cousin has tickets to the soccer but the girl of his dreams wants to go to House & Home

I Just Pressed Enter

IMG_4837The three people who pay half an iota of attention to my incessant ramblings on Facebook may have picked up that I have plans to move to Thailand. Weird how these things work. You say the idea out loud and it’s fun to talk about and make plans but it usually feels like you’re having a conversation about what you plan to do with your fictitious lottery winnings. Well, after almost a year’s worth of “what I’d like to do” conversations followed by a few more serious conversations over this last month I have finally taken the first REAL  step into making this all a reality: I paid for something. In fact I paid a lot of money for something!

I decided in February (while I quietly sat in the back seat of my dad’s Volvo on the way home from a wedding in Cape Town) that the scariness of our plan was that we planned to just go to Thailand, do our practical TEFL course and then kind of “wing it” as far as finding accommodation etc was concerned – with three kids in tow! The thought was kind of horrifying. So, what I decided to do was somehow save up for a separate no-kids-in-tow trip to Thailand for just the two of us. That way Ty can be sure that he is definitely happy to live in Thailand for a little while and we can do our course and figure a few things out without the pressure of over-excited kids to entertain.

Of course this is easier said than done. My three most consistent clients have politely dropped me with a “we’ll be in touch” promise that has yet to be fulfilled. Bye bye finances! Of course no one is taking my calls. So “saving” is proving to be a little tougher than I had originally hoped. Luckily Ty’s Herbalife business is ticking over steadily so that helps a lot.

The point is: I paid my first payment on our TEFL course. The payment has gone off of my credit card. We have to be in Thailand (Phuket) on the 13th of October.  I am elated and terrified at the same time. But mostly elated because I just absolutely cannot wait. My kids are so excited. I am so excited. My husband is excited. There is happiness in my house.

Finances are just going to have to keep up otherwise I might have to exchange pics of my boobs for Kickstarter donations.


A Long Way Down ~ Nick Hornby

CYMERA_20140313_150819As you can possibly see by this failed sort-of-attempt-at-arty photograph, I own three copies of Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down. I’m not entirely sure how this came about. No. I lie. The red one I bought when it first came out because High Fidelity, About a Boy and How to Be Good were awesome. The purple one I bought because it was on sale at Bargain Books  and the cover was pretties than the red one. And the blue one my mom bought me at a flea market because she knew I liked Nick Hornby. So now I have three. To be honest I’m not even sure this particular red one is mine. I loaned someone a bunch of books once. Since then she kind of broke up with me friendwise (ok then) and so because she wasn’t speaking to me I asked another friend to ask her for my books back. I’m sorry but I really don’t think you should have to go through all that whatthefuckjusthappened crap and then still have to lose your books as well. Anyway – she returned a bunch of books and none of them were mine. I used to have a red copy of this book, but I’m pretty sure someone else has it at the moment. So now…. I don’t really know what to do or why this blog post has ended up being such a giant preamble to what is essentially probably only going to end up being a vaguely informative review post.

I decided to indulge in this particular book for the third time (see…I have three books… I’ve read this book three times…. totally normal!) because 1. I am reading my favourite authors this month and I don’t have any Nick Hornby books that I haven’t read yet and 2. the movie of this book is coming out soon so it’s always fun to have a bit of a catch up before watching the movie. Anyway….and here is where the vague part comes in…. I love this book. It is awesome. Nick Hornby never fails to impress me with his ability to become so many different characters. Of course, this book is extra special to me because it kind of inspired my own novel (which I now hate, but still) and I must be honest I was kind of weirded out by how little of it I actually remembered. I guess it’s kind of cool that my brain doesn’t retain stuff properly. It means I can kind of enjoy my favourite things more than once.

So who would enjoy this kind of book? Anyone who ever gave any real thought to pretty much anything ever. Anyone with the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Actually I’m kind of high on a flu virus right now…. Possibly no one should listen to anything I have to say….


The Labrador Fiasco ~ Margaret Atwood

CYMERA_20140309_131145I have a confession to make: I totally chose this Margaret Atwood book to read because it was only 40 pages long.  And the book is teeny tiny so it’s not even a normal 40 pages so much as it about a quarter of that because seriously – them’s some tiny ass pages! But, I have great respect for Ms. Atwood and I wanted to include her in my favourite authors month, but I just didn’t have it in me to get into a heavy novel. So I read this one. And it was kind of sweet. Like I got it, even though I can’t really tell you what it was about. A man who had a stroke I guess. And a story about people getting lost in the wilderness. It was nice to read though it didn’t carry any sort of lasting message I guess. Unless you can count Margaret Atwood is good at writing as a message. Actually that seems like a pretty ok message….


Looking for Alaska ~ John Green

Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now that I have had a few days to process this a little I think I can write a bit of a review. Or can I?

How do I put into words how interesting I find it that John Green chose to give his main character an obsession with famous people’s last words? How do I explain how much I feel like everything he chooses to say speaks so eloquently to his own personal real-ness in a way that makes me feel extraordinarily hopeful? I cannot. I cannot explain why I feel such a connection to this man. I cannot explain how much I wish he had been around for me to experience when I myself was a kid. I cannot explain without feeling a little bit stupid how grateful I am that John Green exists. Sometimes the man feels as though he is a gift, and yet I know he would sort of brush off such a statement with a humble smile and perhaps even laugh a little at the thought. I don’t know. But what a beautiful man. What an extraordinarily beautiful man. I’m so glad I picked up The Fault in Our Stars  at the airport in Bangkok. If I hadn’t, I might never have met John Green. And that, dear friends, would have been a great tragedy.


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Is there a point here aside from your arrogant need to show how “clever” you are?

Photo on 2014-03-09 at 11.37 AMI au paired in the States about 12-13 years ago and I remember shortly after I got there we were watching television in the family room an an advert came on for washing powder. In this ad the voiceover went on to explain in detail how a competing brand was inferior to their brand. Our competitors brand is terrible because xyz. Our brand is much better.  My heart kind of stopped. It sort of felt like some sort of serious thing was surely about to happen. So of course I blurted out “What the hell? They can’t do that!” Oh….such a naive foreigner… I was wrong. Apparently in the States this is completely permissible. (In hindsight I suppose this ad makes American politics a little easier to wrap my head around….but I digress…. ) I cannot possibly be the only one who finds this kind of advertising appalling! Read the rest of this entry »


So if random facebook postings are to be believed, the loadshedding schedule (that I imagine quite a bit of work must have gone into) has been put on hold.

Am I the only person who doesn’t care too much about loadshedding? Granted I am a spoiled (albeit penniless) stay-at-home mom, but loadshedding doesn’t bother me.  It didn’t really bother me when I was “a career woman” (*snort*) either… It’s kind of just one of those things. And yes – I get it – it’s all about incompetence or whatever, but I do kind of like to think that I can find things to do with myself that don’t require electricity for a couple of hours per day. So….you can’t make tea for a while. Drink water. So you can’t play on the internet. Read a book. So you can’t “cook supper”. Make a salad with tuna in it! Is it really that big a deal? Our electricity went out yesterday and the kids put down their school work and proceeded to do some art. No problem.

The last time we had all this loadshedding stuff to deal with I was working in a dance studio. Bit difficult to teach your students with no music, right? I made them dance in the parking lot to music coming from my car. It’s kind of fun if you’re a slight exhibitionist…

I admit I complain about just about everything, but this is just one of those things that doesn’t really bother me. Honestly the only places that REALLY need electricity already have backup generators. As long as the hospitals have power I reckon it isn’t a real problem. Yes productivity slows down for a while. I dunno…. I guess I’m just the kind of person who would use it as an excuse to take a nap…

Are We Not Reading the Same Books?

Photo on 2014-03-05 at 9.39 AMI was bullied pretty badly as a kid. I’m sure nothing as serious as what a lot of other people out there have endured, but it was pretty consistent (boring, tedious). I never considered killing myself. I don’t think I ever felt completely hopeless. But I did spend a lot of time in quiet tears that I didn’t let anyone see. It was a stupid thing. One of those things that I considered my problem because asking for help was too hard and I didn’t want anyone else to feel sad because of it. And your friends (and teachers) teach you very quickly that it is your problem and that they’re not actually going to stand up for you or do anything about it. They’re just going to sit on the sidelines and be grateful that you’re the target and not them, and sometimes they’re going to give off a giggle because being cool with the cool kids is what life is really all about. Your square ass doesn’t stand a chance! Kind of stupid I guess but you quickly come to the conclusion that you’re alone on this one, and if you’re lucky, you grow the boobs to deal with it and move on, hopefully unscathed.  Read the rest of this entry »

How Did I Forget That I Love John Green?!

1660975_10153903486230094_2069668086_nSo John Green has lately become my favourite thing of all the things because he is a real person (sadly, as much as I love The Doctor, he is not real) and as a real person I think the contribution that he is making with regards to changing the world is a significant one. John Green is just a good and brilliant man. This is literally a person who has made the world a better place to live in simply by reminding so many people that not-being-an-asshole is kind of the coolest thing there is. John Green and his brother Hank started the Nerdfighter movement which is too much awesomeness for me to even remotely comprehend nevermind share with you so that you might comprehend it. John Green writes the kind of YA literature that you can confidently give your kids and not worry about somehow messing them up for life. In fact, if your kid is reading John Green you can be pretty confident that they will be better people at the end of each novel. How do I know this? Because I am a little bit better for each of his novels that I have read. That is how magic he is.

Anyway – the point is that I forgot that he is one of my favourites of all the favourites while I was writing a post about reading all my favourite authors this month.  This is kind of lame of me but he is a “new” favourite in that he has been a favourite for less than a year so I reckon I can forgive myself for the mistake. Luckily!! My husband bought me this little treasure as an anniversary present (I got him nothing…seriously…why did this man marry me?!) which made me remember that I LOVE JOHN GREEN and now I am so super duper happy because I get to read it right now this very minute as soon as I stop writing about how excited I am to have this new (to me) book by the awesomeness that is John Green. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m totally naked in this photo….. (Catching the Sun ~ Tony Parsons)

1654136_10153890169420094_666020563_nAfter making just the tiniest bit of progress regarding our potential  move to Thailand I couldn’t resist picking up this book and getting lost in someone else’s ideas of the place. So, of course, I took a hot shower and jumped on to my bed to read it while the family was out somewhere (this blissfully happens from time to time) and yes… I am totally naked in this photo… Reading in the nude after a hot shower is the best way to read. (hashtag:true story)

As always Tony Parsons did not disappoint me. Funny enough this particular book got bad reviews but I still loved it. Toni Parsons bring a certain kind of honesty to his writing. He is so real that I do feel like his books are teaching me something. I feel like he teaches me what it is to be a man, and in doing so he shows me how men and woman can kind of understand each other. I feel like he understands me and that I understand him because when he writes, he simply just writes. I don’t know if it is silly but this gives me hope. We are not so lost and different. There are pieces of ourselves that easily intertwine with the pieces of others. And when those others are essentially “good people” it feels incredibly good.

Tony Parsons makes me feel hopeful. He makes me feel hopeful about ordinary life. It is one thing to instil in someone a longing through the power of fantasy imagination, but to meet a longing by simply pointing out the beauty in human flaws? It feels like a relief. And I do very much think that counts for something….


On Anniversaries and Other Antics

1912162_10151909758396561_1321388633_nSo the husband and I have been married for two years which is kind of weird because half the time it feels like we have been together forever and the other half of the time it feels like we only just met the other day. We have been together since before my little dumpling could walk…which kind of means that ol’ Mr. Adams has been around for a whole bunch of my kid’s milestones. And…even weirder still….I met Bridgette when she was just a tiny bit older than Noah is now. That’s insane! The thoughts make me all twisty.

Anyway – because we are camera fiends and we like making a spectacle of ourselves we decided to delve into another trash-the-dress celebration. This of course will make many people silently yell about how stupid that is because technically a trash-the-dress shoot is supposed to happen the day after your wedding and blah blah blah blah. I don’t care. I like trashing my dress. Although I can now admit that I am getting dangerously close to being over it.  Read the rest of this entry »