Down with the Writer Day…

I’m having one of those aching writer days. I imagine we all have them. While I know there are so many things that make writers different from one another, I am sure this “cloud” is something that all of us feel the same way.

But for some reason the message in this video is helping. At the moment I am struggling. Every time I sit down to write I think “Why are you doing this you crazy insane person! You have a hundred boxes of your last book just lying on the floor there and now you want another hundred boxes? Are you nuts?!” The worst part is that it’s true – what on EARTH am I going to do with these books? Well… For now I’m going to give myself permission to stop worrying about them and just keep writing…

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LucieMay 28th, 2012 at 12:12 pm

Thanks Nadine,
This morning, I’ve just waked up feeling like crap… because my story was not going where I wanted her to go. So I was doubting myself and indulging on self pity probably too.
Because I’m a lazy writer apprentice, I work by best on deadlines and I’ve decided to challenge myself. So I’ve entered a “concours” to write a novel in French (much easier for me than English). I don’t care if I win. (Of course, I want to win who I’m kidding!)
To be honest, like every writer, I just want to write something that I can be proud to let people read and make them smile and forget the everyday worry just for a few minutes…
So while I was getting depress, I saw you friend request on Goodreads and I’ve been visited your blog and seen this video. It’s a great one. Almost as if I receive a pat on the shoulder asking me to keep going. Thanks for sharing and listening.

NayesMay 28th, 2012 at 1:37 pm

Oh Lucie I’m so glad I helped you to feel better today!

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