The Katalina Blog Challenge #7: Let’s Talk About Sex

So this challenge is pretty simple right? Of course… Except… Well… I’m not quite sure how to answer it.

I have said before that I devour crime novels in the same way your average desperate housewife devours Mills &  Boon novels  – *but* – can I tell you a little secret? Tami Hoag is my favourite crime fiction author. Why? Because MY GAWD that woman can write a sex scene! And not just  slinky let’s leave it to your imagination sex scenes – toe curling my-god-excuse-me-while-i-find-something-to-shag sex scenes. I LOVE her sex scenes. They are perfect. They are no so obscene as to be “porn for girls” but they are detailed enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Say it with me: YUM!

Now I know this might offend some people, and that’s fine. For others her scenes might not be “enough” compared to a sexily written romance novel, but for me, Tami is the best of both worlds. And I  love it. Actually she used to be a romance writer before she switched to crime. I haven’t read any of her romance novels (I read her segue novel between romance and crime: Lucky’s Lady) but I love the balance of both in her crime novels. In fact, when she leaves the romance side out of a novel I do feel kind of robbed (there was no sex in Guilty as Sin – i admit I was upset about it) because her sexual tension writing is sublime.

I have written a sex scene before (there is one in the novel I have just finished) and I imagine I will write more. I am not good at them I don’t think, but I imagine as far as my novels are concerned, there will be sex when there needs to be sex, or if it just happens to put itself there, but I doubt  will ever set out to include anything too raunchy. I’m quite possibly not interesting enough!

Sex isn’t a complicated subject for me. I like sex. I LOVE sex. And if the mood strikes to write about it I will. It’s not a topic I obsess around in any way. I don’t not like books that don’t have sex in them just like I don’t not like books that do. Of course when writing such a scene I do think about mom and dad and granny – but not for too long. I’m past all that I think. I just am who I am. I’m tired of making excuses for that. If the scene needs sex – I’ll write it. Otherwise I will leave it out.

There’s not much to say after that. I don’t think “too far” exists when it comes to anything in literature. Anything that makes you smile or makes you randy or makes you cringe has done it’s job. But I am not one to fear the graphic – though I don’t consider myself to be a graphic person.

So sex? Bring it on! Just be honest about it. Don’t tell me you love Playboy for the articles, or that there’s some sort of moral difference between porn and “erotica”.

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