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A-Z Photography Challenge: C is for Corpse


Apparently he needed somewhere warm to die.

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A-Z Photography Challenge: B is for Bellyring


My bellybutton. My bellyring. My blue undies turned black.

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A-Z Photography Challenge: A is for Angus


This is Angus. He is the anal polyp on the butthole that is my life. His wandering ways will one day be the death of my sanity. He’s lucky he is cute. It keeps him alive in this house.

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A-Z Photography Challenge

942684_10152811197500094_1126618626_nThe Katalina Playroom is currently getting a lot of action due to the fact that I am documenting my 31 Day Horror Challenge in celebration of the month of October. I figure this is a much safer way to celebrate than dressing up as Catwoman.

Anyway – I decided to do the Alphabet Photography Challenge thing just for fun because some friends over on FB are currently doing it so I thought it might be fun to join in and see what I can make happen with the camera on my phone and all the photo apps that I downloaded the other day because I couldn’t just pick one…

I probably won’t be so great on the daily thing but I’m going to try. Hopefully I will get all the way to Z!