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How cute is my dog?


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November Challenge #4: I can’t live without my book habit…


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November Challenge #3: The Weather Outside My Window


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November Challenge #2: I saw the gooseberries growing…


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November Challenge #1: Love is Blue


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November Photo Challenge.

photo challenge

I have to do this challenge. Because Sarah Addison Allen is doing this challenge. And she is my hero. 

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July Photo Challenge #6:Love is…

Love Is


Kid could not be more in love with this dog….


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July Photo Challenge #5: Front Door

Front Door


This feng shui fuck is my front door. A really rainy winter caused a bit of havoc with the wood, which expanded and contracted and then broke the glass. Add a lot of opening and closing (read:slamming) of said door and you’ve got this mess. I’ve recently convinced myself that if I get it fixed a lot of other shit will kind of fall into place. Unfortunately the quote to fix it was over 4k.

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July Photo Challenge #4: Patriotism



I used to think that I was a pretty patriotic person. I’m American as well as South African, and I always kind of thought I had that “patriotic love” for both countries. I don’t though. That’s not to say that I don’t love my country (or countries) it’s just that I don’t really want to see myself as a die-hard South African or a die-hard American. I certainly don’t wear stars or stripes and I don’t do the green and gold thing. I love my countries. But I am a citizen of the world. OR at the very least I want to be. My fandoms, however….*sigh*….those I have a lot of die-hard feelings about. Harry and The Doctor (who I sadly could not photograph) will have my undying love and affection forever.

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July Photo Challenge #3: Something Old

Something Old


This broken bunny has been around for as long as I can remember. To be quite honest I’m not even 100% sure that it is mine. I just found her amongst my printers tray things the other day and thought, “gosh this thing has been around forever.” And then I thought, “Did I steal this from my mom?”

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So I’ve learned of late that creativity challenges are possibly not for me. I’ve done a lot of dreaming about what I’d like to be writing about and photographing, and felt a lot of resentment and annoyance when thinking about the stuff I am meant to be doing for “challenges”. Blegh. Kind of counter-productive.

So…the writing challenge I am definitely skipping. But yay for getting to share about my boob habits and some of my favourite words….right? At the moment it all feels creatively irrelevant to me. PLEASE  don’t get me wrong – these kinds of things can be magical for one’s creativity sometimes. I like these sorts of things usually because they kind of remind you about yourself…which is something that needs doing from time-to-time. Writing challenges ask after your fears, your appreciations, your thoughts, plans, dreams. These are often good things to think about, especially if you’re usually too chaotic to give them any time. Sometimes a writer’s challenge which seems to be about one thing, will inadvertently teach you a whole other lesson. In my real life I live in a buzzy onslaught of thoughts that I should be getting down though. Attention must be given to those things which breed excitement. Attention must be given to the things which arrive at the right time.

As for photography challenges? I should really make an effort on those. For one: I’ve gotten my kids to do the July Challenge with me. At the moment they are winning!! So I will need to catch up lest I be shown up. Their energy makes me kind of excited about it. I also need the creativity nudge in this department because let’s face it: so far my new hobby has me taking a thousand pictures of my kid. It is time to move on from that comfort zone a bit.

Although…I do admit that Noah is probably going to feature a lot in this challenge as well anyway…

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July Photo Challenge #2: Something I Don’t Like


This is my passageway. Those window frames have been up on the wall since just after we get married. I have been planning to put our wedding pictures in there for over two years now. I hate that they’re still empty. I really just need to find the money somewhere and sort it out. I think it will be gorgeous once it’s done. Funny enough the absolutely disgusting floor doesn’t bother me nearly as much. The floor won’t be getting any “fixing” attention any time soon.

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July Photo Challenge #1: A Word


A little silliness. I decided to do this challenge to get myself out of only photographing Noah. Then took a pic of his name to start. Possibly I’m in a strange mood.

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July 2014 Photo Challenge

photo challenge


To see  all of my contributions check Tumblr :)

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Photo Challenging

Greetings Humans!

So it seems that a whole boatload of my friends are doing a writing challenge on their blogs at the moment. It’s kind of fun seeing their individual responses to the challenges. I considered doing the writing challenge myself but then thought that since I’m having so much fun with photo-ing at the moment maybe I should do a photo challenge instead…

Here’s my problem though:

I truly am having so much fun playing with my camera (you can check out my results on tumblr). Poor Noah. He is so sick of me! I need to get a little more creative. Maybe let him play with his camera a bit while I play with mine. He seemed to respond well to me letting him take my picture yesterday. But photo challenges strike me as so….uncreative! I suppose if you’re brilliant you can turn any topic into a masterpiece. I certainly am void of that ability.

First, I’ve already bathed and am in my PJs and I have recently had to admit to myself that “taking a selfie” is not my forte. I SUCK properly at it. Luckily my camera has a screen that kind of flips out, so that helps. but still. I need to skip selfie’s for a while. Finding a selfie-less challenge was a challenge in itself. Another challenge was finding a challenge that wasn’t all American Summer themed.

Anyway: I found one that doesn’t suck (I’ll post it in the next post). So we’re gonna try it. And then maybe we’ll try another one sometime too :)

Happy eveninging, folks!