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The Katalina 30 Day Book Challenge Day #1

My absolute favourite book is one of Nick Hornby’s lesser known works and it’s a little novel called How to be Good. It seems today like an especially relevant book to talk about considering my earlier post about rhino poaching and doing nothing. While How to be Good is really a story about the frustrations of married and domestic life, there is a part of it that I found so irreproachably beautiful. Two crazy men went along and asked a bunch of people to do some crazy things. And some of them went along with it. For some it was a bad idea and it didn’t work out too well. But for a few it was a life changing event that meant the world. As one single human being the idea of changing the world is possibly far too much to comprehend. But changing one person’s world is certainly not an impossibility. One day when my son comes to me and tells me he wants to make the world a better place, I will tell him that I believe with all my heart that it is  possible. Even if it is only done one person at a time. Read this book. It truly is wonderful.

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