Suffer all the Animals…

Can I tell you a not-so-secret? I am not a pet person. Ok…maybe I’m just not a dog person. This house has a ton of animals in it. Tanks full of fish, a cage full of birds, hamsters and a very bouncy dog. They stress me out. The fish keep dying too often which is stressful. The birds too (it’s been cold – we had to move them into the lounge where it is warm) and the dog…? Oh my heavenly God I hate the dog. The damn effing dog likes to chew up my carpet, pee on the floor and bark it’s little head off when I am trying to sleep. It chases cars (who knew that dogs ACTUALLY do that??) and the neighbours swear at me because of it’s existence on  a weekly basis. I could quite happily live a Carrie Bradshaw life with no plants or animals to take care of – and I would not feel like my life was empty. I do NOT understand people who think that their dogs/cats are children. I don’t get it. End of story.

Animal testing, on the other hand, is something that has haunted me for years. It is one of those things that make my heart bleed when I think about it, and so I have tried to just not think about it. In my limited knowledge I have basically boycotted Johnson & Johnson for years… And by boycotted I mean for the most part I try not to buy their stuff but still use it if someone else gives it to me. Ever been to a baby shower where there wasn’t an abundance of J&J products? Though I do admit that I gave most of the J&J products I got at my baby shower away to a car guard who told me his jobless niece had just had a baby…

Then I got married in Molteno. And the next day I went to church and at church my little sister sang a song by Brook Fraser called “Flags”. I cried through the whole thing because my God it is the most beautiful song ever written and i dare anyone to listen to my sister sing and NOT want to cry. Anyway – a line in that song goes like this: When apathy acts like an ally, my enemy and I are one and the same. 

That line has not stopped haunting me.

But now…the problem is this: WHERE THE HELL DO I EVEN START????!

PETA has long lists of companies that don’t test on animals. I haven’t heard of a single one of them. I don’t know where to start!

So far I know for sure that Annique does not do animal testing. So I am sorted for make up – I really don’t give a crap about make up brands because I pretty much only ever use eyeliner anyway. They also have perfumes and deoderants.

I have been using Herbalife face products for years and they don’t do testing so my face stuff is sorted.

But what about hair dye?


Effing laundry detergent?!

I think that our big companies need to start realizing that this is important to people and that if THEY took a stand things could really change in the world.

Imagine if Edgars or Foshini’s new marketing champaign was “Beauty without Cruelty” and they decided that only cruelty free products would be sold in their stores? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Then overwhelmed people like me could at least feel confident about our purchases.

I know you get little organic and cruelty free places… but they are still kind of small and inconsequential, not to mention often unaffordable. Although I do want to start supporting those kinds of places anyway. But they don’t sell hair dye!

Just Google it? You say? Well you try that please…. Because I have come up with squat.

And I need to dye my friggen hair!!