Hi. How are you. Kill me now.

I hate chit chat. Possibly with an unreasonable passion. And of course this makes me feel like I am a bad person, but I can’t help it. It’s boring! I get that it has its place in real life society. I do. It’s polite to ask your father-in-law how he is. It’s an awkward silence filler to complain/rave about the weather.

Social media and technology have taken this pet hate of mine to a whole new level.

Let me be brutally honest here. This is what happens when most people contact me, ESPECIALLY if it is via Whatsapp/FB chat/sms.

You: Hi

(I roll my eyes and swear, but I am usually polite so I answer)

Me: Hi

You: How are you (or worse: HRU)

Me: I’m fine. How are you?

You: Good

(I don’t respond)

You: What you up to?

Me: I’m talking to you.

You: Lol! No man!


SERIOUSLY! Now how much time has passed? For what? To say hi how are you and what are you doing? You are not interested in how I am or what I am doing. You are: BORED. And you are stealing MY time because you have nothing else to do.

Now this thing is this: I don’t mind if you come to me because you need to talk. But talk. PLEASE for the love of god. Come to me and say “Hey I know I haven’t spoken to you ever but xyz and abc”. Get to the point. Immediately. I do not find it rude for you to say: Hey Nades I need your help/can I ask you something/do you have so-and-so’s contact details for me/I think your friend blah-blah is adorable can you set us up.

Is it just me who feels this way? I really am starting to wonder if I am not simply becoming cantankerous in my advanced age…

I think there was a point to this post but I can no longer remember what it was…